Mari José: “People are not aware of what we live”

first_imgYes, but if you keep yourself a little busy … there are people who study, board games with the family or just have a drink and calm the anxiety of being locked up here.In addition to training, what else does time take up?I am with my partner and we share 24 hours. He is a Big Brother, I say that I am going crazy, it is normal that in Big Brother what happens happens. I am lucky to be accompanied. I have exceptional obligations because I have to go out and take the dog out to my mother who cannot be exposed to catching this disease. Whatever you need, the purchase. I do it in the morning and I already go home until the next day.You have to go out every day, but do you think people are aware?I go out every morning with the dog and I see people who are not aware of what we are experiencing. If we put a little on our side, everything will end up leaving before home. It is something I have never seen in my life. Go to a supermarket and see that even the replenishers are not enough. The thing is critical and you have to be aware of all that. We’re screwed if you don’t see it.Granadilla is trying to raise awareness among the population.We are all being human and cautious. Obviously we know that it is a major health risk, especially for the most vulnerable people. We have to be aware that it is very dangerous to expose yourself to the virus. Until it happens, we must obey sanitation and stay home.When the competition returns, will it be like starting again?We will all be in the same conditions. We will reach a state of lower form, but it will not cost us to return to the dynamics because as long as you stay active you are not at zero. Now with the dynamic that we had so positive. We were doing very good things. It is a break that does not suit us because we were ascending. How are you handling this quarantine?I am a person who does not stop at home and the truth is that it is coming in handy because I have more time for myself. At home the walls are thrown over him, it is what he touches, you have to be responsible. I’m not complaining about being here and helping others which is what matters.El Granadilla will have prepared a training plan for these weeks.They have given us a planning particular to all to try to do it at home. It can be done with a few things you have. On the last day we borrowed things from the gym and every day I do certain exercises to keep fit. It will not be the same, but at least you are not stopped and time passes more enjoyable.Is it very rare to train alone?There are times that I train with the physical trainer in the morning. You just have to have an imagination because we don’t have all things. We use bottles, broomsticks … you are looking for life. We are light years away from professional footballers. What we have we take advantage of. According to him planning, I can do the exercises and do the crazy thing, because I always say that at home you don’t run, but I run 60 square meters to touch walls and have fun on my own.And the food?We have been told to take great care of our food. We have a nutritionist who cannot be with everyone. Normally, you have a healthy habit of life and now you have to try to keep it to the letter and stay active, eat well and above all rest because it is the best workout you can have.It will cost being all day at home not to snack on something …last_img

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