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Metaio announces AR processing unit for phones

first_img Citation: Metaio announces AR processing unit for phones (2013, February 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from (—Metaio this week announced its AREngine, an augmented reality chip that closes in on the future of smartphones as AR devices for daily use. The hardware chipset being introduced is a jump up for Metaio which has in the past focused on AR software. The AREngine is being promoted as a move to make “all-day AR possible” for mobile device users, a feature that will be easily appreciated by tourists, not to mention developers eager to gain from a riper ecosystem. According to ST-Ericsson, the hardware acceleration coming out of the Metaio pact will enable larger screen sizes, better resolution and better tracking accuracy yet “without the power-drain penalty associated with competing solutions.” According to the Metaio press release, the Metaio AREngine drastically reduces power consumption, which can make all-day AR experiences possible.Metaio is not a newcomer; it was founded in 2003 in Munich, and has been working at AR advancements in software. The company co-founders are Thomas Alt, CEO, and CTO Peter Meier. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Augmented reality browser Junaio has new look Explore furthercenter_img © 2013 More information: — … re-mobile-platforms/— Regarding the new announcement, Meier said in a promotional video that ever since he joined the company, his goal has been “to provide a seamless AR experience that feels natural to the end user.” This new piece of hardware being introduced, he added, is an augmented reality processing unit which will run and power the next generation of AR smartphones.Meier said, “The AREngine will do for Augmented Reality what the GPU did years ago for the gaming industry.” Translation: a great leap forward.A spokesperson from ST-Ericsson said its link with Metaio is not only as a business partner but the two are also joint participants in the European collaborative research project, Venturi. Targeting “the shortcomings of current Augmented Reality design,” the project is defined as all about bringing together the forces of mobile platform manufacturers, technology providers, content creators, and researchers in the field. Venturi’s goal is to create “a pervasive AR paradigm, where available information will be presented in a ‘user’ rather than a ‘device’ centric way.” The company announced it has struck a deal with Geneva-based ST-Ericsson, which supplies wireless platforms and semiconductors to device makers. ST-Ericsson is to integrate the AREngine into ST-Ericsson mobile platforms. What is referred to as Metaio’s “proprietary hardware acceleration technology” will go into ST-Ericsson smartphone chipsets. The significance of the collaboration is that the processor is to be used specifically to accelerate and improve the performance of AR software on mobile devices.last_img read more

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Pottery shards offer evidence of pulque production in prehispanic Mesoamerica

first_img While most people are familiar with the Maya or Inca civilizations that existed in Mexico and South America, many may not have heard of Teotihuacan, a city that existed in what is now central Mexico. At its zenith, it’s been estimated the city was home to approximately 125,000 people—though who exactly those people were, is still up for debate. Also a mystery was how the population was maintained during times of drought, which were known to have occurred frequently in the area. The main staple, maize, would have been adversely impacted by low rainfall as would have other less sturdy crops. In this latest effort, the researchers suggest that in addition to providing people with a jolt of alcohol, pulque would have offered many essential nutrients as well.Pulque is made from the agave plant—its thick leaves are reminiscent of the aloe and yucca plants. It’s the same plant used for the production of tequila, though a different part is used. With pulque, the sap is fermented to create a milky white thick beverage. To learn more about whether the people in Teotihuacan made the beverage, the researchers examined over 300 pottery shards that had been excavated from various sites in the city and that had been previously dated to 200 to 550 A.D. In so doing they found evidence of byproducts of Zymomonas mobilis, a bacterium known to have been present in the fermentation process used by other people such as the Maya. The find marks the oldest known production of pulque in Mesoamerica. The researchers note that in addition to providing nutrients, drinking pulque also has a tendency to make people feel full, which would have been a blessing during lean times. (A) Maguey plant (Agave salmiana), (B) maguey sap (aguamiel) pooled within a maguey in the process of sap extraction, and (C) man transferring pulque to a 2.5-L container for sale in Apan, Mexico. Credit: (c) PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1408339111 © 2014 More information: Pulque production from fermented agave sap as a dietary supplement in Prehispanic Mesoamerica, Marisol Correa-Ascencio, PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1408339111AbstractAlthough in modern societies fermented beverages are associated with socializing, celebration, and ritual, in ancient times they were also important sources of essential nutrients and potable water. In Mesoamerica, pulque, an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermented sap of several species of maguey plants (Agavaceae; Fig. 1) is hypothesized to have been used as a dietary supplement and risk-buffering food in ancient Teotihuacan (150 B.C. to A.D. 650). Although direct archaeological evidence of pulque production is lacking, organic residue analysis of pottery vessels offers a new avenue of investigation. However, the chemical components of alcoholic beverages are water-soluble, greatly limiting their survival over archaeological timescales compared with hydrophobic lipids widely preserved in food residues. Hence, we apply a novel lipid biomarker approach that considers detection of bacteriohopanoids derived from the ethanol-producing bacterium Zymomonas mobilis for identifying pulque production/consumption in pottery vessels. Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry selected ion monitoring (m/z 191) of lipid extracts of >300 potsherds revealed characteristic bacteriohopanoid distributions in a subset of 14 potsherds. This hopanoid biomarker approach offers a new means of identifying commonly occurring bacterially fermented alcoholic beverages worldwide, including palm wine, beer, cider, perry, and other plant sap- or fruit-derived beverages [Swings J, De Ley J (1977) Bacteriol Rev 41(1):1–46]. Robot discovers chambers under ancient Mexico temple Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencescenter_img ( —A team of researchers with members from Mexico, the U.S. and the U.K. has found evidence that suggests the people living in ancient Teotihuacan made an alcoholic beverage named pulque as early as 200 to 550 A.D. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team describes how they performed gas chromatography on multiple pottery shard samples from excavation sites and found evidence of bacterial byproducts known to be present in pulque. Citation: Pottery shards offer evidence of pulque production in prehispanic Mesoamerica (2014, September 16) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Iran Seen Preparing For Space Launch

first_img by NPR News Geoff Brumfiel 8.26.19 6:13pm In the latest indication that it may be readying an attempt to launch another space rocket, Iran has given its launch pad a fresh coat of paint.A satellite image taken by the commercial company Planet shows the pad painted a bright blue. The image, taken August 24, was shared with NPR. Until this month, the launch pad at the Imam Khomeini Space Center had been sporting a burn scar from a previous failed launch attempt. It had also been covered in debris from a possible flash flood at the site this past spring. “The Iranians have finished clearing off the pad, and they painted over the previous launch scar,” says Dave Schmerler, a senior research associate at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies who has analyzed the imagery. Other recent imagery has shown vehicle activity at a nearby building where Iran assembles its rockets. “We’re getting close to a launch, but exactly when that will happen I can’t tell you,” Schmerler says.Iran’s press has reported that the government has three satellites that could be ready for launch by the end of the nation’s calendar year in March of 2020. A recent report from August suggests that one of the satellites, a communications satellite known as Nahid-1, is ready for launch now.If a launch does take place, it would be the third such attempt this year. Launch attempts in January and February both ended in failure.The Trump administration has insisted that Iran’s space rockets also advance the nation’s ballistic missile program. “Such vehicles incorporate technologies that are virtually identical and interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement following the failed launch attempt in January.But Schmerler and other independent analysts are less sure of a clear connection between Iran’s liquid-fueled space rockets and its missile activities. The rocket the Iranians are likely to use, known as the Safir, does not contain advanced technology. It is a “relatively dated space-launch vehicle,” he says.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit NPR. Iran Seen Preparing For Space Launch last_img read more

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Cityscapes on canvas

first_imgKeeping that in mind, Modern Art Gallery organised an exhibition of eminent artist Krishendu Porel’s paintings at the India Habitat Centre. The paintings were architectural art with the theme centering around the current social and political conditions.‘He has painted what is there in our heritage with the traumas and beauties of the modern world. It is a reflection of the tedious life that can be seen in one of his paintings which has oiled pillars with people slipping down. In another painting, the Jantar Mantar is painted green because tomorrow when there is no green in the environment, people can probably look back at it. It is just a reflection of his thought,’ said Sushmita Shekhar. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘It is a launch platform with the motive of encouraging the artists,’ said Ritu Chagti, director, Modern Art Gallery.Curator Paramjit S. Kochar feels that Porel has great talent and potential and the ‘architectural art which has a colonial essence’ is something that anybody can connect with. What makes Krishendu’s works special is the deeper meaning they have and the different things and emotions they depict.‘My paintings have a message that I’m trying to convey to the society. Like for example, the painting with mother and child represents the safety and security that a child has when s/he is in his/her mother’s arms. So in order to understand a painting, you have to look deeper,’ said Krishendu Porel.last_img read more

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Down the rabbit hole with Alice

first_imgLive entertainment company – Humour Me is putting together their next large scale grandiose production – 7 Days To Wonderland. Get ready to press pause on your real life reel and be drawn into the magical world of fairy tales later this year. From the finest fairy tales which continue to mesmerise us 7 Days To Wonderland, a play about truth being stranger than fiction, will bring our favorite fairy tale characters in confrontation with young Alice, white as a snow flake and blissfully unaware of the monstrous elements of life. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The Broadway inspired concept is a conglomeration of the finest tales of fantasy brought together in the finest trail of theatrics by the most ambitious theatrical actors from the domestic circuit. The show will feature some of India’s youngest yet finest talent. There’s a slight twist in this tale however. This Alice dos not fall down a rabbit hole and end up in Wonderland. Nor does she get shrunk and enlarged or fight the Jabberwoky. She does have some interesting adventures however. Here’s a little peek into what Humour Me has planned for their Alice… Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix7 Days to Wonderland is a touching tale between a struggling musician father Jahan, and his 7-year-old daughter Alice. Jahan and his two best friends Bobo and Cliffy, take Alice on a thrilling adventurous journey to Wonderland. En route to Wonderland they visit Neverland and the infamous Captain Hook, Cinderella’s old manor in England where Alice gets to woo the Prince before the clock strikes 12 and a rescue mission where they confront a wicked witch who lives in a house made of treats in the forest. Alice for 7 Days to Wonderland is an innocent yet sprightly girl much above her years in maturity and in sophistication. She adds flavours of humour and excitement with her blissful unawareness and finally misguided and misaimed femininity that help connect the various dots of the magical fairytale journey she sets out on.And to add to the excitement, the company is looking out for young actresses to play the lead role of Alice. A few other roles are also up for grabs and audition calls are on.  If acting is the thing for your little girl – this could be her chance to grab the limelight.last_img read more

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Sculpting emotions depicting life

first_imgPrem Lata Sarkar belongs to the latter class, her talent translates cultural aspects of human life and dimensions of cultural attainment of society in her sculptures. The sculptures unparallely reflects melody of sweet and romantic feelings depicting them all in varied facts of human emotions.Prem Lata Sarkar who has been into this art for almost two decades has done numerous solo and group shows. Her sculptures have been selected for numerous exhibitions in India and other countries. She has been covered in leading magazines like; Femina, Griha Shobha and Santa and by TV channels. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’In search of different shapes and form she continue to explore the territory of visual art mixing the essence of nature. Her works combine lyricism with an astute sense of iconography. The lyrical quality that is characteristics of her work represent concentration of mass rather than its distribution.Prem Lata has been practicing sculpture at Sculpture Department Of Triveni Kala Sangam since 1994. In 1997 she actively participated in shows at AIFACS and her sculpture Dhratal have been selected by National Gallery of Modern Art, as a permanent exhibit.She is back with her next exhibition titled Realism about fusionative sculpture in the Capital.When: On till 20 DecTimings: 11am to 7pmWhere: Triveni Gallery, 205, Tansen Marg, Triveni Kala Sangamlast_img read more

DDA discontinues attestation by gazetted officers

first_imgAfter Millennium Post published the report ‘Gazetted officers charge Rs 500 to attest papers of DDA housing scheme’ on Tuesday, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) issued fresh guidelines to discontinue the attestation by gazetted officers with immediate effect.“In an important development, it has been stated that the documents like photo and signatures, which were asked to be got attested by a gazetted officer, will not, anymore, be required to be attested by gazetted officer but a self-attestation by the applicant will be accepted. Therefore, all documents can be self-attested by the applicant himself or herself without approaching notary or gazetted officer for the purpose,” said a statement from DDA. The guidelines have also been uploaded on DDA website and will be given wide publicity so that allottees are not misguided, said a senior DDA officer.DDA has also decided to extend four days camp for successful allottees of DDA Housing Scheme 2014 of Dwarka area for one day on December 24. “For the housing localities other than Dwarka, DDA will be operating special counters separately from January 1, 2015 to January 31 on all working days and Saturdays,” said the officer. DDA is also sending an intimation letter to all the successful applicants wherein a Login ID and password will be provided so that the successful applicants can check their allotment details etc. Those applicants who cannot deposit the document in person can also send the same through post by January 31. The allottees will be given possession on January 1-15  for Narela area and from January 25 onwards for Rohini. This time, DDA is also recording biometric data of original allottees to ensure only genuine persons are given ownership rights after five years.last_img read more

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Soon biometric attendance for doctors across state

first_imgKolkata: In a bid to check absenteeism of doctors, the state Health Department is all set to introduce biometric attendance system in all the medical colleges, super-specialty hospitals and also the district and sub-divisional hospitals across the state from later half of this month. The move has been taken by the state government to fix more accountability of the doctors. There were a few complaints coming in from the district and sub-divisional hospitals that some doctors do not visit the hospitals on a regular basis while some others do not enter the premises on time resulting in health services being affected. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIt may be mentioned that the biometric attendance system has already been installed in various government departments. Now, the doctors at the state-run medical colleges and hospitals and in the districts will be brought within the system which, many believe, will benefit the common people. A section of doctors especially the non-teaching ones is however sceptical over the future of the new system. They expressed their confusion over the introduction of the biometric system as they claim it would have an adverse impact on them for certain reasons. The teaching doctors and senior ones would remain unaffected by the move. It is the Registered Medical Officers (RMO) and non-teaching doctors who will face inconvenience only because they often attend emergency patients on call during night hours. Will they be allowed to record their attendance during late night, asked the doctors? A section of non-teaching doctors said after performing normal duties, they often get calls for emergency duties and treat patients during late night hours. After treating the patient, they get released from the hospitals early next morning. Under the existing system, the RMOs or the non-teaching doctors who attend emergency patients during the night even after extending service throughout the day sometimes take leave on the next day or join duty in the latter half of the day. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedIf the biometric attendance is introduced, these doctors again have to come to the hospital the next morning even after attending emergency patients throughout the night. They claim that a huge number of patients are availing the health services in the state-run medical colleges, super-specialty hospitals and the district hospitals and they are already overburdened with the pressure. If the non-teaching staff and RMOs have to join duty the next morning after performing emergency duties the previous night, it would adversely affect the health condition of these doctors. The non-teaching doctors have demanded some relaxation on the duty hours if they attend emergency patients on call the previous night.Dr Ajay Chakraborty, Director of Health Service said: “The matter of biometric attendance for doctors is still under process. We will consider all the issues related to the doctors.”last_img read more

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Eid holiday notice row IAS from Rajasthan summoned

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Police has summoned the IAS officer from Rajasthan, Sanjay Dixit, who had shared the fake notification on Eid holidays on Twitter.The police summoned him on June 29 and he has been asked to turn up at the cyber cell of Kolkata Police by 11.30 am. It may be recalled that a controversy had sparked after an IAS officer shared the same on a social networking site and it took place after the city police had clearly stated in a tweet that it was a ” fake notification”. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsPolice had stated that “a fake notification is doing the rounds on social media about Eid Holidays. It is false. Those who have masterminded this will be strictly dealt with as per law”. Dixit had later deleted the tweet. He had uploaded the fake notification and stated in the same tweet: “Meanwhile, Islamic State of West Bangladesh declares the longest Eid holiday ever – a full 5 days of free salary and compulsory holiday for the faithful and infidel alike.”last_img read more

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Somnath Chatterjees condition critical put on ventilation

first_imgKolkata: Somnath Chatterjee, former Lok Sabha Speaker, was put on life support on Friday evening after he developed acute breathing difficulty.89-year-old Chatterjee has breathing and cardiac problems, hospital sources said.He was earlier admitted to a Kolkata hospital in June. He was released after his improved after a few days. “Chatterjee is gradually improving but will take more time (to recover),” the senior hospital executive had said.He was admitted to a South Kolkata nursing home over a week ago with age-related ailments. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeChatterjee’s condition became serious on Friday evening and he was put on life support system. A medical board has been constituted to monitor his health.The family members and doctors attending him did not disclose the ailment due to which the former Parliamentarian was admitted to the ICU earlier this week.Chatterjee, a legal luminary, was the Lok Sabha Speaker from 2004 to 2009. He joined the CPI(M) in 1968 and was a member of the party till his expulsion in 2008, after he flouted the party’s diktats. He was a Central Committee member of CPI(M) and was the leader of the party in Lok Sabha from 1989 to 2004. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedChatterjee became an MP in 1971, fighting as an Independent candidate with support from CPI(M). He was re-elected as an MP nine consecutive times, except when he lost to Mamata Banerjee from Jadavpur Parliamentary Constituency in 1984. Chatterjee was unanimously elected as the Speaker in 2004.The CPI(M) expelled him in 2008 for not resigning as the Speaker after the party withdrew its support from the UPA-1 government over Indo-US nuclear deal.last_img read more

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Mamata to arrive at N Bengal today to inaugurate Bhorer Alo

first_imgDarjeeling: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be arriving at North Bengal on Wednesday for a two-day visit. On arrival she will inaugurate her dream project ‘Bhorer Alo’ at Gajoldoba, Jalpaiguri.On arrival at Bagdogra Airport, the Chief Minister will head for Gajoldoba. She is scheduled to inaugurate ‘Bhorer Alo’ at 4 pm on Wednesday.’Bhorer Alo’, located around 30 km from Siliguri in Jalpaiguri district, is dubbed as India’s largest integrated tourism location. Spread across a sprawling area of 208 acres, it has different components including a budget hotel, 2 star category hotels and a high-end hotel. A 9 hole golf course spread across 60 acres of land is also coming up at Gajoldoba. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life’Bhorer Alo’ will boast of cycling, boating and camping facilities. It will also have a trekking route through Saraswati Tea Estate to the Bengal Safari. A state institute of hotel management called ‘Arohon’, along with a home for the elderly, a police station and a health care centre are on the anvil as well. The Chief Minister could be halting at Gajoldoba for the night or at Uttarkanya, the mini-secretariat located at a short distance from Gajoldoba.On Thursday, the Chief Minister is scheduled to meet the local business community at Marwari Bhawan on Sevok Road in Siliguri. She will also be attending an award ceremony of the Siliguri Journalists Club. She will be returning to Kolkata on Friday.last_img read more

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Derek trains gun on BJP as former CEA agrees with CM on

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress once again attacked the BJP government for note ban, with the former Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian resonating Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s claim that demonetisation was a “draconian” decision.In a Facebook live stream, Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien said: “In his book Of Counsel, the former Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian has stated that demonetisation was draconian and a massive shock for the Indian economy. This is not being said by the spokesperson of any political party, but by the BJP government’s former Chief Economic Advisor.” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeInteresting is the use of the word “draconian”, said O’Brien, maintaining that “It was none other than Trinamool Congress supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who had tweeted within an hour of the announcement of demonetisation on November 8 in 2016, terming the move as draconian.” He said that there was a series of seven tweets from the Chief Minister and she had raised her demand to “Withdraw the draconian decision”. “Many people, including experts on macro economy, had criticised the same. But Banerjee was the first to raise her voice,” said the Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP, after attacking the Modi government for the “historic blunder” and the “scam announcement”. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedRecollecting the fight of Trinamool Congress against the announcement of demonetisation, Derek O’Brien said: “Just about a week after demonetisation was announced, there was a plan to march from Parliament to Rashtrapati Bhavan. My colleagues in Trinamool Congress, with 34 MPs in Lok Sabha and 13 MPs in Rajya Sabha, were protesting. Then Trinamool Congress and its chairperson Mamata Banerjee decided to march from the Parliament to Rashtrapati Bhavan, to submit a memorandum to Rashtrapatiji. From November 15 till the end of the month, Trinamool Congress was trying to convince the Opposition parties that the faster we march to Rashtrapati Bhavan the better, as demonetisation is draconian. Banerjee had decided not to wait for the Parliament to end and on December 9, Trinamool Congress, in full force with 34 Lok Sabha MPs and 13 Rajya Sabha MPs, led by Banerjee along with Shiv Sena including its sitting ministers, Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and representatives sent by Hardik Patel, marched to the Rashtrapati Bhavan,” he said, adding that obviously there are ideological differences on many issues with Shiv Sena, but “we were on the same pitch over the issue of demonetisation.”last_img read more

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Iconic noodle factory in Kalimpong goes up in flames

first_imgDarjeeling: Kalimpong lost a slice of history with a noodle factory razed to the ground in a fire on Saturday night. This was no ordinary noodle factory but the factory that had featured in the bestseller book The Noodle Maker Of Kalimpong: the Untold Story of My Struggle for Tibet, an autobiography of Gyalo Thondup, the elder brother of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.Thondup was a known face in Kalimpong but it was only after the year 2009 that people came to know that he was the elder brother of the Dalai Lama. Thondup had crafted the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet along with being granted political asylum in India. He occupies an important position in Tibetan history. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThondup was born in 1928 at Amdo in Tibet. He was the Dalai Lama’s special envoy and an interlocutor between Tibet, China and India. Later, he continued the freedom struggle for Tibet on a diplomatic level. In 1999, he retired and settled in Kalimpong looking after his noodle factory. On Saturday night, the noodle factory located on 8th Mile adjacent to St. Philomena School caught fire. “Around 9pm we got information of the fire and rushed to the location. The fire was blazing then. It took 3 fire engines to battle the flames. Around 11 pm the fire was doused. The factory is totally gutted except for some machinery partially damaged. The cause of the fire is not known,” said Mani Tamang, fire officer. However, “Takster House” the house in which Thondup lives in the same compound escaped the flames. “I had bought this 3 acre property in 1962 for Rs 7,200. In 1967 we started the factory,” said the 91-year-old to media persons. The factory had 20 employees. Kalimpong noodles is sold in different parts of the country including Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and even exported to Nepal and Bhutan.last_img read more

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Slew of security measures for peaceful polls

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Police have made elaborate arrangements for the last phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Keeping the recent cases of huge amount of cash seizure in mind, several wings of the Kolkata Police have been instructed to keep a strict vigil across the city apart from general security arrangement.According to Kolkata Police officials, there are 4,755 booths in 1,576 polling premises, which fall under the Kolkata Police jurisdiction. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataTo ensure the rights of the voters and prevent untoward incidents, it has been decided that there will be two Quick Response Team (QRT) in each police station’s jurisdiction. These teams will be in place at strategic points in the area so that in case of emergency they can reach the spot in minimum time. Also 274 sector mobile teams will ply across the city. To deal with any kind of clash and other problems, 53 Flying Squad Team and 60 Static Squad Team (SST) will be there to assist the other two groups. Apart from patrolling teams, there will be 180 police picket and 80 naka-checking points which will be made static throughout Sunday. There will also be a special Mobile Striking Force which would be led by Divisional Deputy Commissioners. According to sources, normal security arrangements will be in place. Apart from general Heavy Radio Flying Squad (HRFS), Striking Force (SF) and River Patrol and Divisional Mobiles will be deployed usual. Sensitive areas will be kept under strict vigil. Central Forces will reach the designated polling booths by Saturday afternoon.last_img read more

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Governor writes to CM

first_imgKolkata: Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi on Saturday wrote to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee advising her to take immediate steps to provide security to the doctors and to take them into confidence about a firm and credible assurance of arrangements of their security. The Governor also urged the Chief Minister to conduct quick probe on the incidents of assault on the junior doctors so that suitable atmosphere is generated enabling the doctors to resume their duties. In his letter, the Governor also expressed his sadness at “her non-responsiveness to his efforts to talk to her” and in the same letter he mentioned that he had written her a letter on Friday in which he mentioned the grievances and demands of doctors and their willingness to resume their duties upon redressal of their grievances. However, later, Banerjee said that she has already spoken to the Governor and apprised him about the steps taken by the state government to resolve the impasse in the hospitals.last_img read more

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Didi Ke Bolo gets more than 1L calls on Day I

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee’s first-of-its-kind unique public outreach campaign titled ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ (Tell Didi) has received an overwhelming response with more than one lakh people making calls on the #DidiKeBolo phone number that was announced by her at a media conference on Monday. More than 50,000 people across the state have shared their opinions and problems through the digital platform”In the last 24 hours, more than 1 lakh people have called on the #DidiKeBolo phone number. Currently, 250+ people are working round the clock on this. We are further ramping up our resources to handle the overwhelming response. We thank you for your patience! Please note that this is over and above the 50k+ people who have shared their opinions or problems through our digital platform –,” stated the Twitter page named “Didi Ke Bolo” that was launched soon after Banerjee’s announcement on Monday. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe post was retweeted by a number of TMC MPs and MLAs to spread awareness regarding the initiative. District presidents across the state made announcements about it as well. Atin Ghosh, who is the working president of TMC of North Kolkata district informed the councillors and borough chairmen about it in detail while for South Kolkata, party district president Debasish Kumar undertook a similar exercise. The MLAs will be doing media conferences across the state on Wednesday to spread the message. As part of the programme, TMC representatives will reach out to the families and share the phone number: 9137091370 that will enable people to put across their views, grievances, if any, directly to Didi. The target set up by the TMC is to reach around 1.6 crore families that comprise 80 percent of the total households in Bengal in the coming 20 months ahead of the 2021 state Assembly elections.last_img read more

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Its time to admit that Dak Prescott has a Russell Wilson it

first_imgAnother football Monday, and time for the weekly reckoning with Where Colin was right, where Colin was wrong. Give Colin Sam Bradford’s performance against the Packers and you can have your first round draft picks. They’re overrated.“You don’t buy a nice house and go cheap on the lighting. You don’t buy a nice car and put bumper stickers on it. Bradford was the right call.”Dak Prescott isn’t perfect, but it’s time to admit he has a Russell Wilson “it” quality. He’s poised, confident, and makes good decisions. He isn’t putting up huge numbers, but Colin’s willing to admit there’s something there.Please, stop with the mythology that any quarterback can win with Belichick. It sounds catchy, but it’s not true. Garoppolo is special. Hopefully, he’s not injury prone.Colin doesn’t understand the moralist stigma surrounding Bobby Petrino. He isn’t the first person to have an affair, and compared to some of the most serious college football scandals, his transgressions don’t seem that bad. One thing is for sure, he can coach. At some point, you have to decide if you like winning football games. Don’t be a moralist.Colin is rejoicing in Iowa getting their Fake ID pulled by North Dakota State. Colin argues that he’s not anti-Iowa, he’s anti-poser. Sorry McLovin, you’re not from Hawaii.Guests: Michael Lombardi – Former NFL GM and executive and newly minted Fox NFL analyst is in-studio to look at where Dak Prescott is after 2 weeks, whether he agrees with Colin’s negative read on Aaron Rodgers, if the Packers have become too predictable, why Sam Bradford as a perfect fit in Minnesota, and the signs that he saw during his time in New England that told him that Garoppolo was going to be special.Drew Bledsoe – 4-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champ with the Patriots and Bills joins the show to give his scouting report on his newest vino, why Sam Bradford may finally thrive in a great situation in Minnesota, and reveals his 5 tips to play calling,Ian Rapoport – NFL Network Insider joins the show via the Cowherd Global Satellite Network to give the latest Garoppolo injury update news, encouraging news on Adrian Peterson’s injury, and breaking news regarding the Seahawks getting fined and docked a draft pick over an offseason practice rule violation.Brandon Ingram – Los Angeles Lakers first round draft pick is in-studio to discuss transitioning to the NBA, why he chose Duke, why he decided to turn pro, how NBA veterans have been eager to help him, what to expect from the Lakers this year, and how he’s managing to avoid pitfalls as a 19 year-old in Los Angeles.last_img read more

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VIDEO 1 overall pick Myles Garrett signs rookie contract with Browns

first_imgNo offset language in #Browns’ Myles Garrett’s contract. The $30.4 million over 4 is fully guaranteed.— Mary Kay Cabot (@MaryKayCabot) May 19, 2017 Advertisement #1 overall draft pick Myles Garrett is officially a Cleveland Brown. The Browns posted a video of the moment Garrett officially became a millionaire and signed his rookie contract while Seal’s Kiss from a Rose played in the background.Cleveland has one playoff appearance since returning to the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1999, but have earned positive reviews for their offseason moves.Welcome to Cleveland Myles Garrett, where there’s always no where to go but up..@Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” was @MylesLGarrett’s song of choice for his signing …?: OfficialBrowns— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) May 19, 2017last_img read more

Strength in Numbers

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. April 1, 2007 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. When Arlen Fountain met Cindy Sorley at eBay Live! in 2005, he thought he was just making a new acquaintance with a shared interest in selling on eBay. Fountain, 41, didn’t realize that their casual networking would evolve into a friendship that before long would become one of his online business’s most important assets.”She’d tell me her eBay stories, and I’d tell her mine,” says Fountain (eBay User ID: fountain01), who sells approximately $125,000 worth of autos and auto parts annually on eBay. Sorley (eBay User ID: bubbacandance) had a Layton, Utah-based business selling needlework on eBay, while Fountain lived in D’Iberville, Mississippi. But the two stayed in touch with frequent phone calls.A few months after eBay Live!, which took place in San Jose, California, in June that year, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Tornadoes and floods tied to the deadly storm killed 238 in Mississippi. Fountain’s home was near the center point of Katrina’s second landfall on August 29th. “On the street next to me, seven people died,” Fountain recalls. “It was a bad area.”When the storm was over, Fountain had escaped injury, but his business on eBay wasn’t looking so good. “The day after the hurricane, I had tons of listings that were ending, and we had no water, power or internet,” Fountain says. “But my cell phone worked. I contacted Cindy Sorley and said, ‘Would you do me a big favor?’ She said, ‘Sure.'”Sorley’s favor turned into running Fountain’s business for nearly a month. Fountain gave her his passwords for eBay, PayPal and e-mail (not recommended in normal circumstances, of course). Sorley contacted all the people who had won items, paid and were waiting to receive them. She told the winners what had happened to Fountain and informed them that there would be an unavoidable delay in shipments.The winning bidders were understanding, Fountain says. “Some of them even said to keep the money, don’t bother sending the item and use that money for whatever,” he says. “I did, but I also wound up sending the items to people after I got back on my feet.”Even though Fountain and Sorley were acquainted for only a couple of months before Katrina hit, the common interest they had in eBay allowed them to trust and be trusted. “We had gained such a trust in each other; I had thousands of dollars in my PayPal account and I just turned it over to her,” Fountain says. “When everything was said and done, it was done correctly.”Fountain’s experience highlights the value of the eBay community. Through face-to-face events such as the annual eBay Live! national gathering and countless local meetings in many communities, plus a wide assortment of online networking and community-building tools that are part of eBay, sellers are introduced to eBay, learn to run their businesses better and, sometimes, make a friend who turns out to be a lifesaver.And the value of eBay’s community isn’t limited to regular sellers, or even PowerSellers, such as Fountain and Sorley. Terri Bishop (eBay User ID: learn_to_earn$), an eBay-trained Education Specialist in Austin, Texas, says she frequently taps the discussion boards on eBay for Education Specialists. Says Bishop, “That’s how a lot of us keep up with what’s going on with eBay and how to teach it.”Got Connections?Taking advantage of the eBay community starts with being open to the experience of sharing what you know. Bishop, who has more than three years of experience on eBay, says you don’t have to do anything to find people interested in talking to you about eBay: “When they find out you do eBay, everyone wants to talk to you about it.”The granddaddy of eBay networking events is, of course, eBay Live!. In 2007, the annual convention will be held in Boston, and eBay members like Fountain, who has attended three eBay Live! meetings, are already planning to attend.While the classes, seminars, panels and other educational resources at eBay Live! are valuable, Fountain says being inspired by talking to other eBay members is what he’s really after. “eBay Live! is more like the annual motivator,” Fountain says. “There are all the different group functions, and you just network throughout the day.”Bishop always tells her students about eBay Live! and recommends they attend. But if you can’t make it to Boston, odds are there’s an opportunity to meet other eBay members face to face in a community near you. eBay groups are tools that help you connect with eBay members who share common interests. These member-led groups meet in online forums or in person. You can learn about groups and all the other eBay community activities discussed below by clicking on “Community” at the top of any eBay page.Whether you join an online meeting or participate in one of the many local member-organized, face-to-face meetings, groups are a powerful way to tap into the strength of the eBay community. “It is very helpful to have a network of other people participating in eBay just to keep yourself informed and motivated,” Bishop says.You don’t have to leave your computer to mine the wisdom on eBay’s discussion boards. There are boards with information on eBay-specific topics such as PayPal and Skype and on specific categories, from Animals and Antiques to Vintage Clothing and Watches. Although eBay has hundreds of pages of help information, a discussion board can be the best, quickest or even the only place to find answers to some highly specific or unusual questions. “I encourage people to read and participate in those if they’re having dilemmas,” Bishop says.A good relationship starts with a good introduction, and About Me is a great first step in putting a name to your eBay listings. Creating an “About Me” page lets you build trust with potential buyers and sellers similar to how you would in a brick-and-mortar store.After you’ve made your introductions, check out eBay chat rooms. These virtual rooms represent another resource for connecting via live online chat. Rooms are arranged by topic, ranging from very broad–“The eBay Cafe”–to very specific–“Elvis.”eBay My World is an online publishing space where you can tell the community about your specific interests and hobbies. This page, which links from your eBay member profile, has spaces for information about what you sell, what you buy, what you collect and more.Blogging has become an increasingly important way for businesses of all varieties to connect to customers and colleagues, and eBay blogs bring that opportunity to all eBay sellers. You don’t even have to leave the eBay site to create your own eBay blog, personalize it with your name and other details and post entries with your thoughts, photos and links to other information.Finding Your Way to eBayBefore you can take advantage of the eBay community to refine and build your business, you have to find eBay to start with. Friends and family have led countless eBay sellers to their new businesses, and one of the beneficiaries of that phenomenon is Robin Jensen (eBay User ID: robinsnest04), who sells handbags and jewelry. Jensen, 49, had tried many ventures since leaving a career in casino management to raise her daughter. They included selling through her own website, but nothing worked very well until she got a suggestion one day.”A friend of mine in town sells on eBay,” says Jensen, who lives in Las Vegas. “We’ve known each other for years, and a couple of ventures she’d been involved with I got involved with. My husband said, ‘Liz is doing really well on eBay. Why don’t you give her a call?'” Jensen decided to follow her spouse’s advice and wound up accompanying her friend to a giftware buyer’s show in Las Vegas. Jensen scouted the four-day show from top to bottom, and she eventually bought a small quantity of goods to try to sell on eBay. The handbags she chose didn’t sell particularly well, but Jensen was hooked. She began looking for wholesalers to help her stock her eBay listings and had some success selling the products she’d sourced.By February 2006, she’d established herself as a buyer well enough to gain entry to a large gift industry trade show in Las Vegas. Using her hard-won knowledge, she purchased a sizable quantity of goods and began listing them. “I went from selling probably 20 items a month to about 150,” says Jensen, who estimates she’ll do $25,000 or more her first full year on eBay.Throughout, her friend has helped her blaze a path, and Jensen is considering following her mentor into a new area: selling clothing. Says Jensen, “I never would have done it if I hadn’t called her.”A Boost for Your BusinessIn addition to helping start a business on eBay and sustaining it through disaster, the eBay community is a powerful way to inject growth into existing businesses. Fountain says word-of-mouth is providing him with a steady stream of high-value cars to sell as a Trading Assistant.”I’ve helped enough people in my area that word has spread that I sell hard-to-sell cars on eBay,” Fountain says. “In the past few months, I’ve sold a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a Ferrari 308 and a $70,000 fishing boat.” Fountain has gotten calls from as far away as New Orleans from people who want him to sell their cars on eBay.Community is helping Jensen source products as well. A 16-year career working for casinos left her with numerous contacts in the industry, which have been invaluable in helping her obtain supplies of the screen-printed green felt layouts casinos use to top their gaming tables. “People love those, especially if they have ‘MGM Grand’ on them,” says Jensen, who reports selling some specialty layouts for several hundred dollars. Continuing to GiveCommunity is a two-way street, and eBay members who have traveled it one way are returning the favor to others. Jensen’s friends, after noticing her success on eBay, are asking her for advice on starting a business. “I have one friend who has 250 Barbie dolls that have never been opened, including the second one that was ever made,” she says. “She’s starting to sell her Barbies now, and I’m helping her research the ones she wants to sell.” By now, studying what other Barbies sold for, Reserve Prices, best listing practices and other details of the doll business come as second nature to Jensen. She’s more than happy to make a contribution to someone else’s success on eBay–and by giving back, she’s ensuring that the community on eBay will continue to grow and prosper.For eBay sellers who have benefited from their connections as Fountain has, the eBay community is central to their businesses and their daily activities. “eBay has become more of a way of life than just a hobby or a business,” Fountain says. “The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check eBay and my e-mail. And it’s the same thing before I go to bed at night and throughout the day.” 10 min readlast_img read more

The War on Clutter 8 Ways to Edit Your Workspace and Life

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals February 10, 2014 Graham Hill, Founder of LifeEditedImage credit: Reid Rolls Graham Hill, founder of design website LifeEdited, discovered the “luxury of less” long before the world’s affluent embarked on this trend. In 2007, he sold TreeHugger, the environmental website he founded. The windfall from that sale would lead the young tech millionaire to fill his mansion with all the electronics and possessions his heart desired.He soon realized that his house – and psyche – began to feel a bit cluttered. “I realized I was in my late 30s, and still living like a student,” says Hill. “I just wanted to build my own cool, green apartment.” So he used his background in architecture and design to edit his life. He moved into a 420-square-foot New York City apartment and used this crowdfunded space to prove that people could have everything they need by living in a smaller, smarter and healthier space. Register Now » For the first time in history, owning less stuff is a sign of wealth. A recent article in T Magazine reports that the new rich are embracing “amor vacui,” the love of empty space. 5 min read The U.S. Self-Storage Industry: The Price of Clutter This mouse eats your clutterImage credit: Blog 4. Avoid LinkedIn overload. Such sites can expand professional networks, but it also leads to a packrat mentality leading to shallow business relationships. Be conscious about whether you are directing your networking efforts toward purposeful connections.5. Mind the minutes. Make sure the meeting follows the agenda, and whether you should be holding that meeting in the first place. “Be choosey about who you spend time with,” says Hill. This works in business and in personal life.6. Pulling the e-mail thread. There’s also a bad habit of over-CCing everyone on e-mails, which can kill productivity.7. Stand up for yourself. Standing meetings may keep you more focused and more alert of time, which can easily drag by when you’re seated. Hill also suggests standing desks. “I use one and it’s space efficient. It’s a drawer that pulls out of a wall.” In fact, Hill says the key is to minimize horizontal surfaces altogether. 8. Picking up what you put down…on tabletops. It’s simple: “If you have tables, you’ll put stuff on it,” says Hill. “Focus on little to no shelving, so everything is stored in closets or cabinets. This allows you to keep it neat.” This works for offices and homes.Related: 5 Insanely Simple Ways to Banish Your Messy Desk Forever  A dinner party for 12 is still an optionImage credit: Matthew Williams To keep Americans from resorting to dreary and pricey storage facilities, showcases products, services and tips that promote an uncluttered lifestyle – an art that perhaps many startup workers must master. Many entrepreneurs work in smaller offices and/or shared incubator space. Their savings are usually tied up in their own company and their employees often live on smaller salaries.Related: Thinking of Moving Your Office? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions FirstFrom organizing office space to sharpening management skills, here are LifeEdited’s tips to ruthlessly de-cluttering your startup’s operations.1. Shop discriminately. This involves developing the LifeEdited philosophy. Just because something is a bargain doesn’t mean it deserves your money, or a place in your life. Clotheshorses and techies with a penchant for the newest editions of every gadget must ask themselves: “Will this purchase truly make me happy? Will I use this for years?” The same goes for office supplies and furniture. 2. Think before you hit print. Think twice before faxing, too. Going paperless is the first step to an eco-friendly office. Easily digitize large important documents with Fuji’s sheet-fed scanners, LG’s mouse scanners, or apps like ScannerPro. Then there are those little pieces of important paper. We stuff receipts in manila envelopes and stash business cards in desk drawers. digitizes and categorizes all these bits into organized data.3. Don’t design your office for 100-percent occupancy. LifeEdited finds that many businesses have unused office spaces because employees often travel or work from home. Consider a multi-functional boardroom. How often is it used? Could it be transformed into extra work desks for interns? The advantages? Less credit-card debt, less stress, les energy consumption. It led Hill to start LifeEdited, a design company that consults architects on building energy and space-efficient apartments, with multifunctional walls, multipurpose furniture and eco-friendly materials.But American homes are getting bigger again. Recent data from the U.S. Census show that the average American house is 2,505 square feet, an all-time high since its drop during the recession. “You would think that with all that space, we have enough room for our stuff,” says Hill. “But the self-storage industry illustrates how over the top we’ve become.”The U.S. self-storage industry generated more than $24 billion in revenues in 2013. Nearly half of all self-storage renters earn less than $50,000 per year.  $24 billion+ in revenues (2013 estimates) Fastest growing segment of commercial real estate industry  Avg. asking rent for 10’x10′ unit: $115 – $146/month 65% of storage renters have a garage; 47% have an attic; 33% have a basement 47% of storage renters have an annual household income of less than $50,000 Inside a LifeEdited apartmentImage credit: Matthew Williamslast_img read more