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Zidane warns Mariano and Brahim: “They will play … when you can”

first_imgZidane sent a buried message to Mariano and Brahim in the press conference prior to the meeting between Real Madrid and Valladolid. A few days after the close of the market, the white coach was asked if he intends to have a conversation with both players to let them see that, given the lack of opportunities, they should do as Odriozola, who has just gone to Bayern Munich. Zidane repeated, as he has been doing, that everyone knows their situation and that if they stay they will play … when there is opportunity. “Everyone has their situation, I talk to the players from time to time. Everyone knows their situation, then the player has to choose and do. I am not here to say what they have to do. If I do, I speak directly with the player. They are here and I will count on them. I will count on them… when I can ”Zidane answered the question about both players. The two have been approached by the club to study being released, but both refuse. Mariano’s case is complicated: he has a high salary (almost five million euros net per season) and he doesn’t find who takes care of those emoluments, besides being a Champions or Europa League team, where he can have a good showcase. Brahim would have it much easier, he has many suitors (the Getafe said it publicly), but he refuses to leave Madrid; He is convinced that he can change Zidane’s opinion with opportunities such as the Copa del Rey, where he left and not only scored one goal, but also caused another.center_img That “when you can” is palmar, considering what both players have participated so far. They are, in fact, the two players who have had less minutes of the squad, except for Asensio, injured since July. Mariano has played 44 minutes in two games at the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabiaí, because Benzema was injured and had no Zidane more strikers. Y Brahim has counted something else, but little: 77 minutes in five games, scoring a goal in Salamanca last Wednesday. last_img read more

Nadal is already in Mexico to storm the number 1 in Acapulco

first_imgThe Acapulco Match is introduced as an amazing event for Rafa Nadal in the struggle for the number 1 rating. If the Balearic is proclaimed champion, he would add 500 factors to stand at 9,850 (defends 45 final 12 months), so he would surpass Djokovic in the standings … though he should wait to see what the Serbian does in the Dubai Obligation Free Tennis Championship, the place he’ll compete subsequent week. Rafa Nadal is already in Mexico to compete subsequent week at the Mexican Open in Acapulco (February 24-29), in a ordinary match in the calendar of the tennis participant manacorí in current years.Nadal, winner of the match in 2005 and 2013, will search for his third title in the Mexican match, the place final 12 months he fell in the spherical of 16 in opposition to Nick Kyrgios and in 2017 he misplaced in the closing in opposition to Sam Querrey.last_img read more

Villarreal, collateral damage of the Braithwaite case and the RFEF

first_imgIn Villarreal it was interesting that Bacca had a rhythm of competition, first not to spoil the rest of the course and, second, not to devalue the player in case of a summer sale. It also happens that the player himself considered the Leganés offer good for providing minutes that allowed him to have options to play the Copa América, one of his fundamental objectives beyond LaLiga. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 5, 2020 LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 5, 2020 That is why, when the RFEF communicated its decision to the Leganés, in La Cerámica they also shared regret with the Blue and Whites. Now all parties feel hurt. The Leganés, for not having lost a key piece without being able to resist and without finding replacement. Villarreal, for not being able to give minutes to Bacca and the player himself, for resigning himself to having a secondary role in the lack of season.center_img Although Bacca’s salary is high (around two million euros net per campaign), the Lega was willing to assume it from here at the end of the season on a loan that they received as an unexpected gift at La Cerámica. The arrival of Paco Alcácer and the hatching of Fer Niño have placed Bacca as the front quarter. His playing options are scarce. The refusal of the Spanish Federation (RFEF) that the Leganés sign a replacement for Martín Braithwaite has had side effects on his next rival. Villarreal also feels affected by a decision that, had it been favorable to the people of Madrid, would have allowed him to leave Carlos Bacca. As As said, the agreement for the transfer of the Colombian was absolute. There was even consensus that on Sunday he could play in the blue and white ceramic dress, with no clause of fear that prevented him. What has now transpired is that, in that pact, Villarreal himself had a lot to do, eager for his striker to enjoy minutes and not be devalued by the end of the season.Sources close to the dialogue consulted by As have confirmed that it was the Yellow Submarine that initially suggested the possibility of letting the Colombian out in the poll that the Leganés was doing to find a striker. The pickles, obviously, welcomed the idea.last_img read more

Mari José: “People are not aware of what we live”

first_imgYes, but if you keep yourself a little busy … there are people who study, board games with the family or just have a drink and calm the anxiety of being locked up here.In addition to training, what else does time take up?I am with my partner and we share 24 hours. He is a Big Brother, I say that I am going crazy, it is normal that in Big Brother what happens happens. I am lucky to be accompanied. I have exceptional obligations because I have to go out and take the dog out to my mother who cannot be exposed to catching this disease. Whatever you need, the purchase. I do it in the morning and I already go home until the next day.You have to go out every day, but do you think people are aware?I go out every morning with the dog and I see people who are not aware of what we are experiencing. If we put a little on our side, everything will end up leaving before home. It is something I have never seen in my life. Go to a supermarket and see that even the replenishers are not enough. The thing is critical and you have to be aware of all that. We’re screwed if you don’t see it.Granadilla is trying to raise awareness among the population.We are all being human and cautious. Obviously we know that it is a major health risk, especially for the most vulnerable people. We have to be aware that it is very dangerous to expose yourself to the virus. Until it happens, we must obey sanitation and stay home.When the competition returns, will it be like starting again?We will all be in the same conditions. We will reach a state of lower form, but it will not cost us to return to the dynamics because as long as you stay active you are not at zero. Now with the dynamic that we had so positive. We were doing very good things. It is a break that does not suit us because we were ascending. How are you handling this quarantine?I am a person who does not stop at home and the truth is that it is coming in handy because I have more time for myself. At home the walls are thrown over him, it is what he touches, you have to be responsible. I’m not complaining about being here and helping others which is what matters.El Granadilla will have prepared a training plan for these weeks.They have given us a planning particular to all to try to do it at home. It can be done with a few things you have. On the last day we borrowed things from the gym and every day I do certain exercises to keep fit. It will not be the same, but at least you are not stopped and time passes more enjoyable.Is it very rare to train alone?There are times that I train with the physical trainer in the morning. You just have to have an imagination because we don’t have all things. We use bottles, broomsticks … you are looking for life. We are light years away from professional footballers. What we have we take advantage of. According to him planning, I can do the exercises and do the crazy thing, because I always say that at home you don’t run, but I run 60 square meters to touch walls and have fun on my own.And the food?We have been told to take great care of our food. We have a nutritionist who cannot be with everyone. Normally, you have a healthy habit of life and now you have to try to keep it to the letter and stay active, eat well and above all rest because it is the best workout you can have.It will cost being all day at home not to snack on something …last_img read more

Roberto Martínez: “Hazard has had very, very bad luck”

first_img“I am convinced that Hazard will be decisive at the end of the season” 10 “The Euro? This summer was a perfect time for a major tournament.” How is the communication with the players?We have taken the opportunity to look at all the accumulation of data that we had about them, which are now more in club dynamics, with their detailed and specific programs.What do you think of the postponement of the Euro Cup?We had the UEFA congress and saw the need not to press for domestic competitions. Periods had to be opened to end the domestic leagues. It was a decision of necessity, of force majeure. After two years of work, with a perfect classification and the group in a good psychological and team moment, the tournament was in a good moment for us. But it was the right decision. Now, to focus on the League of Nations.For his 30 points out of 30 and the accumulation of stars in top clubs, was this your great opportunity?We wanted to get more prepared after the 2018 World Cup and it was achieved, gaining depth of squad, team play and experience, with a tight-knit group. It was a perfect time for a major tournament, but we have to try to improve, not to think that we cannot reach the level that we thought we would reach this summer. Are you in contact with Zidane?Not lately. We have it when there is need, such as when Eden arrived and was injured in the first international break. The relationship with Madrid is very good. Also with the other clubs, and that is not easy. It helps me to have been in clubs for many years to understand both positions.The one who was doing very well was Courtois.It has always been clear that he was aware of what it takes to be the ‘1’ of Madrid. It came at a time of change, quite difficult, but he was always very focused to demonstrate what it is. Since Galatasaray in Champions has been seen, from there it has been essential in the results. He is still very young and can undoubtedly break all records in Madrid’s goal. It is with that confidence and with that illusion and desire to demonstrate what is inside.Did you have more affection for him in September and October?No, he is a person who is far above emotions. It knows how to focus a lot on what it can control and it closes tightly on the highs and lows. He has probably been the most consistent in Belgium in the last 46 games, never reflecting any emotional state that might come from his club. His maturity is well above his years. The most positive thing is for Hazard?We were very confident that he would get well because he does not need, when he is discharged, much time to reach his level. The deadlines were good enough for him to play for Madrid the last few days and come with Belgium. Now we are concerned with players who may have a team change, a game change elsewhere, or the older ones, with specific cases such as defense. They have a lot of experience, they have been playing together a lot, also at those ages because of their performance, not because there are no other options, because there are young people who can help the team.What did Hazard say to him?It is very sensible, calm, familiar. Is always happy. He is focused on recovering as soon as possible to miss the minimum number of games. He was very focused on recovering well and soon for the European Championship; Now all he has to do is focus on whether he can play a very important role with Madrid this season, which I am sure he does.Trust him a lot.It has the perfect character to be able to react as needed when there are situations such as the operation or the postponement of the Euro.Did you ask for advice on whether to have surgery?No. That had to go from the medical side and there was always great communication between Madrid and us. Madrid have led him with excellence, very close to the doctors who have followed Hazard in his career. How do you reconcile it with the family?I have a seven-month-old girl and a six-year-old girl. I did not know the first months of my first daughter for being in charge of a club, and this period at a human and home level is being very beautiful. I have the opportunity to be my daughter’s teacher, something that tests you because it is much more difficult than you can imagine.What do you miss the most?You have to adapt, I have never been wanting what I do not have. I only remember the people who are affected and those around them. I see myself privileged because I am with the family; it would be very hard, almost impossible, separated. Hopefully we all get the best out of this and realize that we as humanity were not prepared to face a pandemic. We have to be prepared for when normalcy returns.What is the first thing you will do then?Gather the whole family in one room, a normal dinner. My parents are over 75 years old, they are a population at risk, and that requires discipline. The lack of contact, also with those of my wife, is missed. A normal dinner. Soccer teaches you to expect what is not expected and to survive. How much talkHe is the captain and there is always contact at essential and important moments for the future of the team. He is at the perfect age to take responsibility at a club like Madrid and Belgium, number one in the world.He has defined his first white season as bad.It is fully adapted to the League and Madrid. His only problem has been injuries. You have been very, very unlucky. Luck plays a huge role in any component of football and he has missed more games this season than he has in eight years at Chelsea. That is bad luck and I am convinced that very soon that luck will change, and he will be able to be a decisive and stellar player. There are no equal days in quarantine, but how is your routine?15 years ago it would have been very very difficult. Now are very hard times, but with the internet there is a lot of help to work and structure everything. Every morning I can be connected with the Federation and work on the different projects that do not depend on soccer. From there I spend many hours. “We all know that Courtois is going to mark an era in Madrid” It is the best in the world?Definitely. The World Cup was the reflection: it was the best. Being the best in the World Cup, reaching Madrid and its qualities and size allow it to do things that others cannot.Has it been good this year to remove the debate with Keylor?He is a player who understands, and very well, that when you don’t win a match in a team that demands Madrid, you have to be very mature and improve to do the next one. It is very troublesome when you are not ready for that, but Courtois is, it does not affect his confidence and his level. It has constantly adapted and improved. We all know that it will mark an era, an era, in Madrid.You finish contract in June. How is the renewal?We have had contacts and talked a lot about the ideas for the future of the Federation and the team. They were quite positive. We will wait at the end of the June break to see if it develops, and we will announce the result. 1 STORY OF A CONFINEMENT: FROM BELGIUM TO WIGAN“We started learning about the coronavirus from the first cases, in China. With the monitoring of our players we are presented because football is canceled there, where we had still to Carrasco, Fellaini and Dembélé. It was clear that there was a problem. When he arrives in Italy, the consequences were much closer. I kept traveling, but the last game was Leipzig-Tottenham. On the return of that all were canceled and covered Spain. There I decided to isolate ourselves with the family in the United Kingdom and be more aware of the complex situation. of the community. I chose England because we are closer to my wife’s family and the family’s risk groups in general. It is a more comfortable isolation because it is in an area between Liverpool and Manchester, in the north, in the town of Wigan, on the outskirts, very rural, with only 460 inhabitants. Here I learned the British language, football and culture. I won the FA Cup. People are very fond of me. I was very happy. They are stories that are not forgotten … “.last_img read more

They plan an “ATP Finals” with the British behind closed doors

first_imgIt could be performed with out an viewers and it’s potential that with out ball boys or linesmen to keep away from contacts. The initiative is led by Jamie Murray, brother of former particular person primary Andy Murray. The format can be much like that of the London ATP Finals, with two teams of 4 gamers, of which two tennis gamers would go on to the closing. The championship would come with each singles and doubles tournaments. In keeping with the rating, the contributors in the match can be Andy Murray, Daniel Evans, Kyle Edmund, Cameron Norrie, Jay Clarke, Liam Broady, James Ward, and Jack Draper. British tennis gamers are organizing a closed-door match, with a format much like that of the ATP Finals, which might contain the UK’s prime eight racquets. In keeping with the British newspaper The Occasions, the championship can be positioned in weeks Wimbledon has been launched (June 29-July 12), though the headquarters is unknown.last_img read more

Camavinga, condemned if Rennes ends in Champions

first_imgNow the club is in the hands of Nicolas Holveck. The new Breton administration is also interested in delaying the agreement for another year and will try to make the deal with the previous directive good. Anyway, in Rennes they are calm because Real Madrid has yet to call the club’s offices.And the deal also depends on how Ligue 1 ends with the coronavrius problem. Right now the Rennes is third in the table and that position gives access to the preliminary phase of the Champions League, so Camavinga, on paper, should stay one more year in France. Definitely, if Ligue 1 stays as it is by the coronavirus, Madrid could see one of his suitors disappear. And if it resumes, Rennes must fight to keep the position to play the Champions League and to continue enjoying, at least, one more year of his ward. Real Madrid has located Eduardo Camavinga on his radar and will try to sign him if Paul Pogba finally doesn’t land at the Santiago Bernabéu. The 17-year-old midfielder has Zidane’s ‘blessing’ and Rennes has valued it at 50 million euros, although the club in the capital of Brittany will do everything possible to retain him for another year.“I always advise you to stay one more year in Rennes because it is your training club”, assures his coach Julien Stéphan. And if the words don’t soften Camavinga, the club will remind you of an agreement the defensive midfielder arrived at the beginning of the current season.Why L’Equipe reveals this Friday that Camavinga promised to stay in the club for another year if I managed to get the team into the Champions League. But that pact is in question because the midfielder agreed with Olivier Létang, who has been the president of Rennes until February.last_img read more

Real Madrid look at Uruguay again: Facundo Pellistri

first_imgBut in Europe they have also taken the registration. In England the Wolverhampton asked about him and This week Manchester City did it through the City Football Group, who studies the purchase to transfer it and finish it. In Italy he adds more girlfriends: Naples, Atalanta and Bologna. The doubt is knowing for how long. In Spain, in addition to monitoring Madrid, there have been conversations with Atlético, Valencia and Almería, who came close to signing it in January but was prevented by the salary cap imposed by LaLiga. This newspaper has reported that in South America there is a fever for it, with Boca Juniors and Flamengo among their suitors. This is not unknown territory for Calafat, which has gained recognition above all for the control and dominance of the Brazilian market, but five years ago, in May 2015, he was one of the great architects of Fede Valverde’s arrival in Madrid. The little bird, a stranger at the time, cost five million euros, a ridiculous figure considering what he has been showing in Zidane’s midfield.Competition: Boca, Flamengo, City …Fede was 16 years old and, like Pellistri now, he was active in Peñarol. The Uruguayan club, given the growing interest of half the world for its pearl, it was renewed in February until 2022. For this there was a lot of predisposition from the boy, who, Although he dreams of playing in Europe, especially in Spain, he wanted to play the Libertadores with his team. “He is very young, we are enjoying it,” said Diego Forlán, his coach, recently.center_img Real Madrid, through Juni Calafat, points again to Uruguay. Play there Facundo Pellistri (18 years old), footballer who starts from the right, has verticality, driving and impudence as strong points and, despite his tender age, he has already seen the ’10’ of the giant of his country. There has been no negotiation as such, but, According to what AS has learned, he is a player that the head of international football of the white club watches over and will follow closely.last_img read more