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first_imgNAOMH COLMCILLE NOTESQuizNaomh Colmcille CLG are hosting a quiz night on Friday (31st July) for Jigsaw Donegal at 9:00 pm at the clubhouse. Ciaran Devine of the Naomh Colmcille Senior team will be taking part in the Mizen to Malin Cycle Challenge for Jigsaw (28-30 August 2015). The Jigsaw service provides a safe and confidential space where young people can access a wide range of mental health supports for free. All monies raised on to night will go to the Jigsaw Mizen to Malin Cycle Challenge. Prizes to be won on the night. There were no senior or reserve fixtures this weekend.Our U16 Girls team narrowly lost out to Beart at home on Tuesday evening despite a great team effort.The U14s lost out at Red Hughs in their first Championship group match on Sunday evening.There are a limited number of season tickets now available for free entry to all adult Donegal club league and championship matches (excluding Naomh Colmcille home games). €30 for the ticket or €50 for the ticket and Donegal club gear. Contact Alison Ferry. Time is running out to get club registration sorted. If you think you’ll be looking for Donegal tickets for the Championship you’ll need to become a member. Registrations are now open to all senior players (€50), junior players (€10), adult members (€25) and families (€50). Contact Mark Ferry (087 9154559).Naomh Colmcille CLG’s child welfare officer for 2015 is Breda Friel. If you or child have any issues through out year with coaches or bullying or other child issues please feel free to contact Breda on 0876393503 and she will try and address the issue. Everyone involved in coaching or helping out at underage level needs to have completed the child protection/awareness course. If you have not completed this course previously, please contact Breda ASAP.Check out the club’s new Facebook page (Naomh Colmcille CLG – Donegal) for latest updates on training, match times etc.Training and Match Schedule.Information here is correct at the time of compilation of the weekly notes. Check the Training Schedule section on the club website for latest updates on training for all age groups. The page will be updated regularly throughout the week. Updates also on the club’s Facebook page. Subscription of €2 per player (up to and including minors) per week for training. Please make sure you bring your full kit (shorts, track bottoms, boots, sports top/hoodie/coat, drink). Remember a mouth guard is needed for training sessions as well as matches.Seniors / Reserves. Check the Facebook page for latest update.U21s. Championship match at Moville on Wednesday (29th) at 7:30 pm.Minors. Check the Facebook page for latest update. U16s. Championship match at St. Michaels on Monday (27th). Bus leaving clubhouse at 5:45 pm sharp. Check the Facebook page for latest update.U14s. Scheduled fixtures away to Buncrana on Tuesday (28th) at 7:30 pm and at home to Robert Emmetts on Friday (31st) at 7:30 pm. Check the Facebook page for latest update.U12s. Check the Facebook page for latest update.U10s. Check the Facebook page for latest update.U8s. Check the Facebook page for latest update.Girls. U16s away to St. Eunans on Tuesday (28th). Check the Facebook page for latest update.Reminder that the use of mouthguards is now compulsory for all players.Naomh Colmcille Weekly Lotto.This week’s numbers are 2, 4, 5, 8, 15 and the three winners (matching 3 numbers) are Alma and Johnny, Mucka and Wizzy, and Frankie Callaghan who win €25 each. Next week’s jackpot €1400.Naomh Colmcille CLG are in need of more lotto sellers. The lotto is the bread and butter of our club. If you don’t drive we can set up on a team with a driver. Please contact Breda Friel (0876393503) if anyone is willing to help. Thanks.The Club would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support of the Lotto as it gives the club the essential means of continuing to give our local kids and adults the chance to avail of a great and healthy pastime.GAA NEWS: NAOMH COLMCILLE TO HOST TABLE QUIZ FOR JIGSAW DONEGAL was last modified: July 27th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal GAA North resultsGAANaomh Colmcille noteslast_img read more

Hull v Fulham line-ups: Whites unchanged, City star returns, Arsenal loanee dropped

first_imgFulham have named an unchanged side to face Hull City at the KC Stadium.It means Shaun Hutchinson retains his place, despite conceding an injury-time penalty in the home defeat to Brighton on Saturday.Sean Kavanagh returns to the squad, as a substitute, displacing Finn Sakari Mattila.Luke Garbutt, Scott Parker, Jack Grimmer (all ankle), George Williams (cruciate ligament) and Fernando Amorebieta (knee) are all unavailable for the Whites.Hull striker Abel Hernandez returns following a three-match ban for punching Manchester United defender Phil Jones on the final day of last season, replacing Nikica Jelavic.David Meyler and Sone Aluko also come into the Tigers’ starting line-up, with Isaac Hayden and Sam Clucas dropped to the bench.Former Brentford full-back Moses Odubajo starts, as does Arsenal loanee Chuba Akpom.Hull City: McGregor; Odubajo, Dawson, Davies, Robertson; Elmohamady, Meyler, Huddlestone, Aluko; Akpom, Hernandez. Subs: Jakupovic, Taylor, Clucas, Maguire, Jelavic, Hayden, Luer.Fulham: Bettinelli; Richards, Hutchinson, Bodurov, Voser; Cairney, Christensen, O’Hara, Pringle; McCormack, Smith. Subs: Lonergan, Burn, Kavanagh, Tunnicliffe, Kacaniklic, Woodrow, Dembele.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Cellular Machines Coming to Light

first_img1.  Umena, Kawakami, Shen, and Kamiya, “Crystal structure of oxygen-evolving photosystem II at a resolution of 1.9?Å,” Nature 473 (05 May 2011), pp. 55?60, doi:10.1038/nature09913.2.  Dunkle, Wang et al, “Structures of the Bacterial Ribosome in Classical and Hybrid States of tRNA Binding,” Science 20 May 2011: Vol. 332 no. 6032 pp. 981-984, DOI: 10.1126/science.1202692.3.  Rhodin and Dinman, “An Extensive Network of Information Flow through the B1b/c Intersubunit Bridge of the Yeast Ribosome,” PLoS One 6(5): e20048, May 19, 2011; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0020048.None of these articles even attempted to explain how these complex systems evolved (“oxygen-evolving photosystem II” doesn’t count – that’s a different meaning of the word).  Only one (the Science paper) mentioned evolution at all, and only on the periphery, as if needing to acknowledge an irrelevant faith in evolution to fulfill some kind of obligation.  These articles need Darwin like a swimmer needs a barbell.    Stephen C. Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell, has this quote on his website.  It suffices as commentary.  “In the 21st century, the information age has finally come to biology.  We now know that biology at its root is comprised of information rich systems, such as the complex digital code encoded in DNA.  Groundbreaking discoveries of the past decade are revealing the information bearing properties of biological systems.”(Visited 22 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 51; As imaging techniques improve, cells are yielding up their secrets.  Scientists are getting closer to watching the processes in cellular factories in real time.Dynein:  PhysOrg reported, “Biologists capture cell’s elusive ‘motor’ on videotape, solving the mystery of its deployment.”  The article began, “Their experiments can be likened to restoring never-before-seen footage to a classic film.”  Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are discovering “How dynein, the cell’s two-part, nano-scale ‘mitotic motor,’ positions itself to direct the [cell] dividing process.”  They described their delight at watching “a complete surprise and a eureka moment for us to witness a hypothesis supported by direct evidence for the first time.”Myosin:  Another motor machine in the cell is myosin.  PhysOrg described how scientists on the east coast have found a way to turn the motor on and off with light.  “Molecular ‘motors’ are at the root of most biological movement,” the press release stated.  “They propel cell components, whole cells, and even our muscles on command.”  The team’s paper claimed “this should make it possible to follow cellular processes that involve myosin in real time.”DNA structure:  Scientists at the University of Amsterdam have measured the force holding DNA together, and found that a small force can make it separate like a zipper.  PhysOrg told how the strands re-join when the tension is relaxed.  With this research, they “can now have a better understanding of how DNA in cells is locally opened so genes can be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’.”DNA packaging  Penn State researchers have discovered more about how DNA is packaged into chromosomes.  They have achieved a milestone in the goal of assembling a chromosome from its component parts by adding histones to purified yeast DNA and watching it wrap into nucleosomes – building blocks of the supercoils that form chromosomes.  To get the wrapping started, they had to add ATP, which they likened to the leaven that makes bread rise.  Enzymes used the ATP to wrap the DNA neatly into the nucleosomes.  Some 60,000 nucleosomes make up a yeast chromosome.    According to PhysOrg, their work “overturns three previous theories of the genome-packaging process and opens the door to a new era of genome-wide biochemistry research.”  It is hoped that research like this will yield insights leading to therapies for genetic disorders.Photosynthesis:  Argonne National Laboratory “has worked for fifty years to understand photosynthesis—one of the most mysterious and wonderful chemical processes in the world,” an article on PhysOrg began.  “Photosynthesis built a green Earth out of the bare, meteor-blistered planet which had sat empty for a billion years; it tipped the composition of the atmosphere towards oxygen, allowing all kinds of life to blossom, including us.”    The team is applying what they are learning for human benefit.  “Basically, we’ve been reverse-engineering photosynthesis,” one of the researchers said.  “If we understand how Nature does it, we can tweak the process to produce hydrogen” that would lead to efficient solar cells.Photosynthesis reactor:  Speaking of photosynthesis, Japanese scientists have achieved the imaging of the “Crystal structure of oxygen-evolving photosystem II at a resolution of 1.9?Å,”  zooming in almost twice as far as previous studies.  Their paper, published in Nature,1 spoke of the reactor as “indispensable for sustaining life on Earth.”  It includes detailed drawings of the 20 subunits involved with numerous molecular contacts.    The particular part of the reactor that splits water molecules and combines oxygen atoms into the O2 gas we breathe they said is “one of nature’s most fascinating and important reactions.”  Understanding Photosystem II may help humans to mimic plants’ ability to split water efficiently at ambient temperatures, leading to renewable energy for a multitude of applications.  The ability lives all around us if we can tap into its secrets.Ribosome:  Biochemists from five US universities have witnessed a key reaction in the ribosomes, the elaborate structures that translate messenger RNA [mRNA] into proteins.  Reporting in Science,2 they described how the ribosome, the transfer RNA [tRNA] molecules and other elements form moving parts and machinery: During protein synthesis, the ribosome controls the movement of tRNA and mRNA by means of large-scale structural rearrangements.  We describe structures of the intact bacterial ribosome from Escherichia coli that reveal how the ribosome binds tRNA in two functionally distinct states, determined to a resolution of ~3.2 angstroms by means of x-ray crystallography.  One state positions tRNA in the peptidyl-tRNA binding site.  The second, a fully rotated state, is stabilized by ribosome recycling factor and binds tRNA in a highly bent conformation in a hybrid peptidyl/exit site.  The structures help to explain how the ratchet-like motion of the two ribosomal subunits contributes to the mechanisms of translocation, termination, and ribosome recycling.Drawings in the paper show the moving parts with rotations of up to 70°.  In their concluding paragraph, they described what they saw: “Because simple mRNAs can be translated in the absence of exogenous factors like EF-G (44), the ribosome itself serves as a Brownian ratchet, with tRNA substrates probably serving as the ‘teeth.’,” they said.  “A notable feature of the ratcheting mechanism is the use of RNA secondary structural elements to control large-scale conformational rearrangements in the ribosome.”  They went on to compare the moving parts to bridges, swivels, springs, pawls, and hinges.Ribosome information:  Information is a profound concept that presupposes purpose and design.  It is being joined to biology.  Two researchers at the University of Maryland titled a paper, “An Extensive Network of Information Flow through the B1b/c Intersubunit Bridge of the Yeast Ribosome.”  Writing in PLoS One,3 they described “an extensive network of information exchange between distinct regions of the large and small subunits” of the ribosome.  Mutations, they found, “had wide-ranging effects on cellular viability and translational fidelity” and mentioned some of the diseases they cause.    They discussed two subunits in particular that “work together to communicate information pertaining to the tRNA occupancy status of the P-site and the B1b/c bridge.”  In fact, “These shared changes in rRNA chemical protection patterns suggest that, while spatially remote, all of these different regions of the ribosome are connected through specific ‘informational nodes’ comprised of specific bases of 25S rRNA.”  The words information and translational fidelity were key terms in this paper.last_img read more

Back to School: Apps Every College Student Should Try

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#Digital Lifestyle#E-Books#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts center_img College is a horrifying time in one’s personal development. Aside from being “the best years of your life,” those years are also those in which your expenditures outstrip your income by more than they ever will later (with any luck and ambition on your part, at least). They can also be some of your more strapped-for-time years and attention-deficit-overload years.Here are a few tools we wish we’d had when we were still dorm-dwelling nobodies. Forward these links on to the collegiate folks in your life, and add your own favorites to the list. Together, we can rid the world of dropped classes and “ramen starvation.”One-Stop Comparison Shop for TextbooksBigWords is a site and iPhone app that source a slew of online retailers to get students the cheapest possible textbooks, taking the legwork out of online comparison shopping. BigWords also claims to optimize prices by looking for multi-item specials, shipping discounts, coupons, and other exceptional deals. Students (or textbook-shopping parents and guardians) can also share “bookbags” with others, and the site claims an average $225 savings on multi-item orders.Study SociallyWhen students can use Facebook Connect to sign into an app designed to optimize study time, you know the world has changed. StudyBlue takes advantage of your virtual Rolodex to help you share notes, flashcards, and other study tools. Notes can be recorded as text or as multimedia content – that means you can share audio and video with your class-skipping colleagues. If only it counted as attendance, no? Best of all, the StudyBlue team has announced mobile capabilities for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Another app we like in this space is Quizlet, an online flashcard and quizzing resource that also uses Facebook Connect.Rent and Return TextbooksBookRenter soothes the eternal frustration of spending a triple-digit amount on a textbook you’ll use for four months and then resell to your college’s bookstore for a princely ten bucks. Renters register and have access to the company’s catalog of millions of titles. Prices are refreshingly reasonable; shipping options and rental periods are flexible; and return shipping is free.Situate YourselfDesignYourDorm is a new-this-year app that allows college students to design their dorm room interiors in 3D and purchase their decor selections online. Not only can students often choose their exact room dimensions and layout from the DYD database and collaborate with dormmates to get rooms furnished based on thorough checklists; parents can also send care packages from a gallery that calls to mind an edible version of 1800Flowers.Mobilize Your TextbooksCoursesmart, a leader in the e-textbook game, just released an iPhone app, which we reviewed recently. Their catalog so far includes 7,000 ebooks, and their software works for both Macs and PCs. The desktop apps also allow students to take notes while reading, and both desktop and mobile apps have built-in search function.Research on the FlyThe mobile version of Wikipedia has long been available for on-the-go consumption, but did you know Wikipedia also just released an official iPhone app, which we recently reviewed? You can also try iPhone apps such as Wapedia, Wikiamo, or Wikipanion.Get Yourself and Your Group On-TaskRemember the Milk is one app we like for individual or group tasks. This full-featured program allows users to keep track of tasks through RSS feeds, share tasks via email, add tasks via email or SMS, and even assign tasks a specific location. There’s an iPhone app, and RTM plays nicely with Gmail, Twitter, and Google Calendar, as well.Hit ‘Em With Your Best ShotFinally, after all your hard work and study, you’ll need to create a certain number of papers, presentations, projects, and perhaps even a website or two during your time in school this year. We have a whole list of code-free website creation tools that range from easy to use to ridiculously easy to use, and with a little finessing, they’ll definitely impress a professor or two. For creating multimedia presentations, we like Empressr, Drop.io, and SlideShare, all of which have different social sharing/embedding and multimedia capabilities.Back to BasicsFor staying organized, keeping in touch, taking notes, and generally keeping yourself sane, your old friends are more useful now than ever. And by “old friends,” we mean those apps you already use so much you don’t even realize they’re apps anymore. Try seeing Facebook, Google Docs, Google Notebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Skype as study and communication tools rather than just time-wasters, and you’ll notice that you can get a lot done on your favorite sites.So, what apps are you using to get organized, get smart, get together, or just get it right this year? Let us know in the comments! jolie odell Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more


first_imgThe 2007/08 Western Australia (WA) Super League Series, featuring the cream of the State’s best players in the Perth Metropolitan area, will commence this Sunday 4 November 2007 at Rosalie Park.The showcase ten round tournament will be played at venues across Perth and will involve six affiliates in the Premier Men’s and Women’s Open divisions.The six affiliates’ team rosters in the respective Men’s and Women’s divisions will feature a plethora of Barbarians National Touch League representatives, and some of the best players in the State.Defending champions in the Men’s division Perth Brothers have had a stranglehold over the Super League in recent years and will be shooting for four titles in a row in 2007.Led by the fleet feet of the impressive Armis Black, Brothers will again be the team to beat. Southern Stars, spearheaded by 2005 Youth World Cup standout Andrew Knox, have prepared well for the Super League series and will mount a strong threat to Brother’s dominance.2006 Women’s title holders Northern will be pulling out all stops to retain their mantle and clinch successive back to back State Championship and Super League titles.The defending champions will not have it all their own way, and will face strong opposition from the likes of Perth Brothers, Southern Stars, and Tompkins Park Sharks.Southern will be led by dual Australian Women’s Open World Cup winner, Shelley Matcham who will be looking to lead the Stars back into the winners circle in the prestigious event.The 10 round Super League will culminate with Grand Finals being played on the 20 January 2008, after a short recess for the Christmas break.Weekly reports on games will be available from the WA Super League Series website –http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=3184&pID=14last_img read more

a month agoMan City star Silva’s tweet not racist – England legend Barnes

first_imgMan City star Silva’s tweet not racist – England legend Barnesby Freddie Taylora month agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer England star John Barnes says that Bernardo Silva was not racist in his tweet about Benjamin Mendy.Silva tweeted a photograph of Mendy as a child, comparing his appearance to that of the logo of a Spanish company Conguitos.He showed the two pictures side by side, saying “guess who?”But Barnes does not think it was racist.The former England and Liverpool star told Sky Sports News: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.”It’s ridiculous. It’s a cartoon, and in many respects I’ve seen it, and I think he looks like a young Mendy. I don’t see what the issue is.”This has got nothing to do with racism. They are friends. Regardless of whether it looks like Mendy or not, why is that offensive?”Are Kick It Out and the FA wrong? Yes.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

22 days agoBarcelona captain Messi talks Griezmann and preseason tours

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Barcelona captain Messi talks Griezmann and preseason toursby Carlos Volcano22 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveBarcelona captain Lionel Messi admits their pre-season tour has had a negative effect on their start to the season.Messi was speaking after their Champions League win over Inter Milan.”When you travel you don’t train well,” he said.”We returned and we left [again], you don’t work well and we didn’t have a training base, but we’re improving, we’re going to get going, but it’s not a criticism, it’s reality.”It’s understandable that the club puts on these [pre-season] games, all the big clubs do it and it’s necessary, little by little we’re going to adapt to the competition.Messi made just his second start of the season against Inter and he says that he’s getting back to match sharpness.”[I’m] trying to start, they’re the first 90 minutes I’ve been able to complete, [I’m] happy to end well, tired and lacking in rhythm, but once the games go by, I will get going, I’m used to playing and managing my matches,” he added.”We don’t train much because we’re playing two games a week and there isn’t time. I feel better when I’m playing and when I have a run of games.”He also commented on his relationship with Antoine Griezmann.”Obviously we don’t have any problems; there’s a good relationship between everyone in the dressing room, we are united,” Messi explained.”We knew that the time wasn’t the best, that we needed this win to get back on track so that we can go forwards now.”We’ve won two important matches and let’s hope it stays like this, it was tough to get started but we hope to continue rising.”We’re on this path, we knew that we were having a difficult moment, but if we look at the rest of Europe, it’s tough for every team to start, for pre-season, we’re slow, I’m not finding excuses but it’s reality.” last_img read more

Video: Ohio State’s Joey Bosa Has Some Wonderfully Simple Trash Talk For Jim Harbaugh

first_imgJoey Bosa walking off the field after an Ohio State football game.GLENDALE, AZ – JANUARY 01: Defensive lineman Joey Bosa #97 of the Ohio State Buckeyes reacts as he walks off the field after defeating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 44-28 in the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 1, 2016 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)Jim Harbaugh has done a great job in his very brief tenure at Michigan, going 10-3 in his first season, and inking a Top 10 class—and a No. 1 recruit—in his first full recruiting cycle this week. The next step, however, is a little more tricky. Harbaugh needs to beat Ohio State, and this year, his Wolverines weren’t even close.FOX Sports’ The Buzzer caught up with Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa on Friday and asked if he had any words for the Michigan head coach. He only had one, and it is pretty perfect: “sorry.”Michigan’s first year under Harbaugh went about as well as could be expected, but a 42-13 loss to OSU has to stick in the craw of Wolverine fans. Luckily, next year Bosa won’t be there to push their offensive linemen around.[Eleven Warriors]last_img read more

All systems go Trudeau government pressed to pass Indigenous languages and child

first_imgNation to NationIt may very well turn out to be a happy new year for the Trudeau government but also one that comes with two big challenges regarding proposed new laws for Indigenous people.There is the Indigenous Languages Act and recently announced plans for new Indigenous child welfare legislation.However, time is not on the government’s side.Both bills need to make it through the House of Commons and the Senate by June and before summer break. Then it’s campaign time for federal parties leading up to the October election.“This is all systems go,” said Marc Miller, parliamentary secretary to Crown-Indigenous Relations on Nation to Nation.Miller admits time is tight.“We’ll have to push hard,” he said.But did it really need to be this hard? Why leave the both proposed bills to the last few months?Miller said both required proper consultations and meetings with Indigenous people and groups.“We’ve undertaken to do this and co-develop this with First Nations, so there is a time period, and a lag that it creates, but we couldn’t do it otherwise,” he said. “It isn’t ideal but it’s the only way forward if we are going to have a true nation to nation relationship.”For both to move quickly and be successful all parties will need to support them.“We only have 14 weeks left,” said Cathy McLeod, Conservative shadow minister for Indigenous Services.McLeod said Conservatives support the concept of the two bills but the devil is in the details – until the bills are tabled (likely the last week of January or early February) they can’t be certain of their support.“The Liberals certainly have left this to the last minute,” said NDP MP Nikki Ashton.Ashton said the Trudeau government wasted too much time on the Indigenous rights framework that was promised before December but is now stalled. The framework’s goal was to figure out a way out of the Indian Act.“I am not sure why they’ve been pushing the Indigenous rights framework that has been opposed, significantly, for such a long time and instead actually going through with the legislation on child welfare and Indigenous language,” said Ashton.N2N@aptn.calast_img read more

Youth dies after being hit by motorcycle

first_imgNew Delhi: A 20-year-old man died after being hit by a rashly driven motorcycle in East Delhi’s Ashok Nagar area on Tuesday. Police said that the accused including three persons were injured in the accident.Police said that around 12.15 am on Tuesday, a PCR call was received in New Ashok Nagar police station regarding the accident. Staff of New Ashok Nagar police station immediately reached the spot and got to know that victim has been admitted in Dharamshila Hospital. “The eyewitness told that high-speed motorcycle hit three pedestrians, one of them is critically injured,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Jasmeet Singh. Later police found that one Aakash was declared brought dead whereas Shivam (21), Vishal and Shiv Shankar (motorcycle rider) were injured in the incident. ” Shivam, Akash and Vishal were the residents of New Ashok Nagar and were walking on Nala Road near New Ashok Nagar Metro Station,” said DCP East. Motorcyclist Shiv Shankar is the resident of Badarpur. He is also in critical condition admitted in Dharamshila Hospital.last_img read more