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Shriners Hospitals For Children And RJ Mitte Team Up To CutTheBull

first_imgTo kick-off National Bullying Prevention Month this October, Shriners Hospitals for Children and award-winning actor, former patient and bullying survivor, RJ Mitte, are once again teaming up to stop bullying.RJ Mitte and Shriners Hospitals for Children Partner to Prevent BullyingNew this year is an expanded resource center at featuring public service announcements and other resources including an ambassador tool kit to help kids and parents #SeeTheAbility in all people.One-in-four students in the United States reports being bullied and those numbers can be two to three times higher for kids with disabilities, according to the National Center for Education. Studies also show that most bullying is never reported and can cause depression, anxiety and poor academic performance.“Growing up, my disability made me a target for bullies,” said Mitte, who has cerebral palsy. “I was harassed, knocked down and even had my hand broken. Now I have an opportunity to give a voice to people with disabilities and promote acceptance.”Like Mitte, many Shriners Hospitals patients have scars or physical differences that put them at risk for being bullied. As part of their ongoing care plans, Shriners Hospitals for Children offers various empowerment programs to help patients succeed socially and emotionally.Shriners Hospitals for Children provides specialty pediatric care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families’ ability to pay. Shriners Hospitals also offers psychological support, rehabilitation, life skills training and even community outreach programs that help children with physical differences feel confident.“Our goal is to help our patients succeed and reach beyond the traditional limits of their conditions,” stated Chris Smith, chairman of the Board of Directors at Shriners Hospitals for Children. “We do this in Shriners Hospitals every day, but this campaign gives us a chance to reach outside our hospitals to help all people see beyond physical appearances to the ability that lies underneath.”A public service announcement featuring Mitte and other Shriners Hospitals for Children patients speaking about the #CutTheBull campaign is available at For more information about how you can support the campaign, please visit read more

Syria ahead of mandates end UN observer chief renews call for end

“[I] take this opportunity to call again upon the parties to stop this violence that is causing such suffering to the innocent people of Syria,” the UN Military Adviser, Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye, who is currently serving as the head of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS), told journalists at a media briefing in the Syrian capital of Damascus.Syria has been wracked by violence, with an estimated 17,000 people, mostly civilians, killed since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began some 17 months ago.Over the previous two weeks, there have been reports of an escalation in violence in many towns and villages, as well as the country’s two biggest cities, Damascus and Aleppo, with the latter reportedly the centre of intense combat between Government and opposition forces, involving both aerial bombardments and heavy weaponry.Earlier this week, a panel probing abuses committed during the country’s ongoing conflict and working under a mandate from the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council – the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry – issued a report which found that Syrian Government and opposition forces have perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity.According to the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valerie Amos, some 2.5 million people in Syria face destitution as fighting grows ever more intense in populated areas. The humanitarian chief had spent three days in the strife-torn country and Lebanon, earlier this week.“Those parties have obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure that civilians are protected,” Lieutenant General Gaye said in his remarks to reporters. “These obligations have not been respected.”Initially set up in April for 90 days, UNSMIS’ mandate was extended for another 30 days in late July, with the Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2059. Escalating violence eventually led the Mission to suspend its regular patrols. Resolution 2059 had also indicated that further renewals to UNSMIS’ mandate would be possible only if it could be confirmed that the use of heavy weapons had ceased and a reduction in violence by all sides was sufficient to allow the Mission to implement its mandate. With the 30-day extension, the Mission’s mandate is set to expire at midnight on Sunday.With the required conditions not met in order for UNSMIS to continue it work, Security Council members decided on Thursday to establish a liaison office to support efforts for a political solution to the conflict.“But the UN will not leave Syria; we will continue the search to move from violence to dialogue,” Lieutenant General Gaye said. “A UN presence is being established.”The acting UNSMIS head also thanked the Mission’s staff members for their efforts, as well as Syrian counterparts for their cooperation. “Syria has a proud and rich history; its future must not be undermined,” he added.The Security Council’s tasks for UNSMIS included monitoring the cessation of violence in Syria, as well as monitoring and supporting the full implementation of a six-point peace plan put forward by the Joint Special Envoy for the UN and the League of Arab States for the Syrian Crisis, Kofi Annan, who will complete his term of service at the end of August.That plan called for an end to violence, access for humanitarian agencies to provide relief to those in need, the release of detainees, the start of inclusive political dialogue, and unrestricted access to the country for the international media.On Friday, a UN spokesperson told reporters that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his counterpart at the League of Arab States, Nabil El Araby, had appointed veteran Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi to the post of Joint Special Representative of the UN and League of Arab States for the crisis in Syria, taking over the peace-facilitation role played over the past several months by Mr. Annan. read more

Greater Manchester Police criticised over sexist handbag tweet

first_imgGMP @gmpolice— Dave Whitehead (@DaveyWhitehead) October 5, 2016 Deborah Metters wrote on Greater Manchester Police’s Facebook page: “Since you ask: tampons, sanitary towel, keys, phone, ereader, folding shopping bag, lipstick, travelcard. & a load of receipts. Is that allowed?”It was also pointed out that men, as well as women, can use conceal illicit items. .@gmpolice …I mean, why stop with bags? You must have seen the old file-in-a-cake trick.— Internot of Things (@ben_seven) October 5, 2016 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Credit:GMP Greater Manchester Police apologised after posting an “unacceptable” image of two men dressed in Nazi uniforms on its official Twitter page.It removed the tweet from the GMP Traffic Twitter account, which had shown the men wearing SS uniforms and standing next to a German military Kubelwagen.The tweet, which was posted in August, was captioned: “M62 J22 On the west Yorkshire border. These two likely lads trying to invade”. One person tweeted: “I say it’s another, smaller bag”.Another quipped: “I think the bag’s a decoy and she’s hiding another person on her shoulders under a long coat.” @william_daw @gmpolice I think the bag’s a decoy and she’s hiding another person on her shoulders under a long coat.— Andrew Ellis (@Ellis_Samizdat) October 5, 2016  The photograph, according to the police force, is part of their ‘girls with guns’ campaign, which is aimed to raise awareness around the issue of women carrying guns.The Telegraph has contacted Greater Manchester Police for comment.The police force has come under fire for tweets posted on its account before. The Greater Manchester police force has come under fire for a tweet interpreted by some as sexist.The offending tweet features a picture of a large brown handbag, captioned “What’s she HIDING?”.It has been retweeted over 600 times, with one Twitter user writing: “This tweet is sinister, offensive and sexist. Get rid of it.”Others guessed what may have been hidden in the bag.last_img read more

Danish NT coach Ulrik Wilbek We want to be in TOP 7

Denmark HandballUlrik Wilbek ← Previous Story EHF CL (Round 4): Expected Thursday Next Story → EHF CL (Round 4): Draw in Zagreb – Points for Veszprem and Montpellier Coach of Danish national team, Ulrik Wilbek talked in Danish media about goals of his team at World Champioships in Sweden 2011:– Our goal is to be in TOP 7, but of course, we don’t have nothing against medal. Most importantly is to be among the seven best teams to win Visa for Olympic Games Tournament in London 2012.  If we don’t achieve that, it can become almost impossible to get to the Olympics.World Cup held in Sweden between 13 and 30 January 2011. Denmark is in Preliminary Group with Australia, Algeria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia in Malmo and Lund.

Car Review Honda CRZ Hybrid Nice Try Didnt Work

first_imgThe Honda CR-Z sports hybrid combines a good-looking sporty car with a hybrid engine and the result is … underwhelming. The fuel economy is in the mid-thirties and the infotainment systems show their age, this for a model less than a year old. The CR-Z overall can’t deliver what the sleek exterior and Star Wars instrument panel promise. The CR-Z typically sells for $20,000-$24,000, depending on trim level. Love the Cockpit LayoutHop inside the diminutive CR-Z and you’ll fall in love with the cockpit. It feels like what the dashboard of a personal starfighter would look like. The lighting even changes color with the economy mode of the car. I especially liked the big digital (only) speedometer front and center, and the matching pair of glossy black buttons arrayed vertically, framing the outer edges of the instrument panel: economy/performance on the left (photo), climate control on the right. Seeing the instrument panel in the dealer showroom sets you in the right frame of mind to like the car. Hard-to-Read Gas Gauge I was not a fan of the horizontal segment graph that displays fuel level (see red overlay). It was hard to tell at a glance how much fuel you had left. Better the 20 segments were arranged in a small circle or perhaps vertically. The charge-discharge indicator (lower left in the picture, but not showing any action since the car was parked for the photo) is a model of simplicity: Bar extends left of center, the battery pack is charging; bar extends right of center, the battery pack is providing power and discharging. The difference here is that you want to know with some precision how much fuel remains, whereas all you care about charge / discharge is which way it’s going, and if it’s a little or a lot. The first time you buy a Prius, you go gaga over the swirl of arrows and diagrams showing the flow of power that takes up the LCD display, but for all but the most rabid hypermilers and the soon-bored neighbors forced to endure the demonstration, it gets old in a hurry. Olde Tyme Navigation System The car is new. The navigation system feels old. (It is old.) It gets you where you’re going is the best you can say of it. Oddly for a car so narrow, I had a hard time reaching over to the buttons on the right side of the navigation system. Maps are 2D only, the streets are like stick figures, and there’s no real time traffic or satellite-based weather feed as on more current Hondas and Acura navigation head units. For this, you pay an $1,800 upcharge, and that does not include a badly needed rear camera, which is not available. iPod Adapter in a Nice CubbyholeA USB adapter sits in a cubbyhole just below the navigation screen. It holds an iPod and the cubby has room for your cellphone as well, but no 12-volt jack inside. Honda should have lined the bottom of the cubbyhole with a rubber pad to protect that easily scratched iPod case. The USB jack comes on all models. There are two voice command buttons, unlike more modern systems such as Ford Sync. Both are on the lower left of the steering wheel; the phone button is the one farther back. Accepts PC Cards as Well On cars with the navigation package, you access the CD/MP3/WMA player by pressing a button that makes the faceplate slide out and down. Not elegant, but you’re probably not playing many CDs. Just above the CD slot is a shocker – an opening marked “PC Card.” Find a PC Card adapter for an SD Card or CF Card, and you’ve got one more way to bring music into the car. So you could have an iPod connected to the USB jack and more tunes on the PC Card. The PC Card is ancient technology, but it works.  Why an iPod Beats a Music Key on the CR-XOften, the best and cheapest way to have a lot of music in the car is to buy an 8GB or 16GB USB memory key for $25-$50 and load it with songs. You can do that here, but unless you’re happy hitting Random Play, you’ll find it’s difficult to scroll down what is essentially a flat list of artists or albums. The CR-Z is for fans of AC/DC, Abba (forgive us), or Britney because they’re at the top; you’ll take too long scrolling down to Rihanna or ZZ Top. With the iPod, you’re best working from playlists. The voice input doesn’t let you call out the name of artists. The audio system on the CR-Z EX is fine, give or take the interface. You have a decent amount of music choices. Satellite radio is a dealer-install option only, at $310 for the module plus installation, or $400-$500 total. Honda could have integrated it into the radio head unit for a few dollars, but didn’t. Separate Button, Voice Input for Bluetooth Honda’s voice interface requires you to use separate buttons for navigation (lots of control over navi) and audio (basic control) on the one hand, and for phone control on the other. To access the phone button, you have to reach back in the lower left corner behind the steering wheel. It’s a bit awkward. Looks Like a Back Seat. It Isn’t. Spaceships are tight for space. The Honda CR-Z is a bit cramped for width although legroom is fine and there are two shallow bins where the two back seats would have been if it weren’t for the hybrid batteries. To me, those non-seats were a constant reminder of the tradeoffs to make this car a hybrid. The not-the-rear seatback flips down for better luggage storage and/or to hide what’s sitting on the on-the-back-seat cushions. Listen to Katy Perry’s Advice: Don’t Ever Look BackThe CR-Z’s limited rear vision is problematic when you’re changing lanes or looking through the inside rear view mirror because the horizontal rear window divider is in the way, or when backing up. Usually when you get the navigation system, you also get a backup camera. Not here. Nor does the car come with backup sonar and blind spot detection. If ever a car would benefit from a few electronic driver-assistance technologies, this is it. Even cars destined for winding country roads have to parallel park once in a while. On the Road: Fun to Drive. Stiff. Good Thing It’s Not a Sport Suspension  Driving the Honda CR-Z was fun for the most part. It’s zippy when you stand on the gas but it’s no rocket ship. I had the six-speed manual transmission and it was fun to shift when you wanted rather than when an eco-minded computer made up its mind. The manual is more fun but the majority of buyers are going with a CVT and they get paddle shifters on the steering wheel, seven virtual gears if you use the paddles, and almost 10% better mileage, 37 mpg overall vs. 34 mpg overall. Honda also benefits from a low-resistance design include plastic shrounds on the underside to minimize wind resistance. My mileage with the stick was around 30 mpg but that included some late winter weather. Still, you can tailor your driving and the car’s response by pushing the Sport-Norm-Eco buttons. Pressing Eco lowers throttle response; Sport is more responsive, at the cost of some fuel economy. Unlike on $75,000 European cars, the Eco (or Comfort) and Sport settings have no effect on suspension tuning since the CR-X has a purely mechanical suspension. The suspension felt sporty, which passengers will translate to “stiff,” and with the short 96-inch wheelbase, the CR-Z was not fully at home on broken pavement. There is no sport suspension variant from Honda, which I think is fine for this almost-a-sports-car car, although you can order up $3,600 worth of aerodynamic panels and big wheels that look sporty, and third party tuners will add more handling and power if you desire. Honda has a deal with Mugen to provide some go-fast parts as dealer accessories. The gasoline engine is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder producing 122 hp, aided by a 13-hp electric motor driven by a 101-volt, 5.75-Ah nickel metal hydride battery. Honda calls it Integrated Motor Assist. Think of the electric motor as a big starter motor that provides a bit of turbocharging-like assistance when you step on the throttle (the sporty part), reusing power from when you last decelerated (the green part). The battery pack fits under the rear deck and extends into the rear seating area. Unlike the Toyota Prius, Honda hybrids only run the electric motor when the gasoline engine is on. Honda hybrids don’t run on electric power alone. Honda, an engineering company at heart, says the mpg and environmental benefits are modest for a hybrid that at times uses electric-only propulsion. Toyota’s marketing side knows that whatever the benefits, buyers love cars that can go for a mile or two on battery power. Long term, a small hybrid battery pack may find its way into lots of cars to recapture the energy lost from deceleration. Honda may have the right idea long-term. Hybrids use deceleration and braking to recharge the battery pack. The CR-Z brakes felt like traditional brakes and didn’t suffer the sponginess that infects other hybrids when the brake pedal is influenced by the drag of the motor generator. In summer if you’re in economy mode, the air conditioner shuts off when you come to a stop and the engine stops. Many hybrids now let you keep the AC running via battery power. The Honda CR-Z Models The base Honda CR-Z runs $20,995 with shipping, the CR-Z EX with xenon headlamps and better audio runs $21,655, and the CR-Z EX with navigation runs $23,455. Add $650 for the CVT (automatic) transmission. Other than five paint colors, there are no other factory options. The exterior color determines the seat color. From the dealer you order the overpriced satellite radio and an auto-dimming mirror plus the usual carpet mats and door edge protectors. Should You Buy? Sometimes when a lumpish Harvard MBA wizard of Wall Street marries a vapid swimsuit model, they breed good looking kids with enough smarts to return in 18 years to the Ivy League for schooling. Other times, the combination yields airheads struck by the ugly stick. Honda wound up splitting the difference between these two scenarios with the CR-Z. As a hybrid, the CR-Z doesn’t blow you away with fuel economy. A hybrid that only uses the electric motor when the gasoline engine runs is a called a mild hybrid and that’s an apt description here. At around 8-1/2 seconds 0-60 mph, it’s not a strong performer on the sporty side. So you’re left with niches for the CR-Z such as: You want a hybrid car that has a six-speed manual. Or simply: You want a hybrid that feels like a sports car. In that, the CR-Z is unique. It’s fun to drive.The other downside is the mediocre infotainment technology in a year-old vehicle. The navigation system is aging, it costs $1,800, it lacks a backup camera, and the navigation-equipped car runs $3,360 more than the entry CR-Z. In terms of competition, there are non-hybrid cars with about the same fuel economy, performance, and cachet, particularly the Mini Cooper (review), which also has something that passes for a back seat. You could also take a 40 mpg (highway) Hyundai Elantra (review), a notably non-sporting car, equip it with a better suspension from a tuner, or just go to a Hyundai Genesis Coupe with its stiff (really stiff) suspension (review), all for roughly the same price. Staying within the Honda family, you could simply choose to hot-rod a Honda Civic. Should you buy this car? You need to think long and hard. It’s not much of hybrid if you measure it by fuel economy, and it’s not much of a sports car if you measure it by all-out handling. Nor is it much of a cockpit-technology car once you’ve seen the navigation system. If this were baseball, that would be three strikes and out. For Honda, this is a period where the recent past misses outnumbered the hits. In the previous year Honda unveiled by best minivan of all time, the Honda Odyssey (review), but that was preceded by the CR-Z and the offbeat, crossover-ish Accord Crosstour (review). Better times may lie ahead. Big brother Acura is getting away from the in-your-face grille shield with the excellent Acura TSX wagon (review) and the next-generation Honda Civic is getting good vibes even in advance of its spring debut. 2011 MODEL KEY FEATURESInfotainment Base audio – AM/FM CD/MP3/WMA with six speakers, 160 watts amplificationUpgrade audio – AM/FM CD/MP3/WMA with seven speakers, 360 watts USB / iPod jack – StandardLine-in jack – Standard Bluetooth – N/A CR-Z, Standard CR-Z EX Bluetooth audio – N/A Satellite radio – XM, $310 dealer accessory plus installation, $400-$500 total HD Radio – N/A 12 volt adapters – 1 120 volt adapter – N/ANavigation – $1,800, includes PC Card slot for audio Rear seat entertainment – N/ADriver Aids Parking sonar – N/A Rear camera – N/ABlind spot detection – N/A Lane departure warning (LDW) – N/AAdaptive cruise control (ACC) – N/A Safety Airbags – 6 (2 front, 2 side, 2 side air curtain) Antilock braking system (ABS) – Standard Dynamic stability control (DSC) – StandardTraction control – StandardElectronic brake force distribution (EBD) – StandardTire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) – StandardEmbedded telematics – N/AMayday calling – N/A Also: LED brake lights all models, xenon headlamps (CR-Z EX)2011 Honda CR-Z Specifications General specs – Front-engine, front-drive two-passenger hybrid sports coupe. 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, 122 hp. Electric motor, 13 hp. NiMH batteries, 100.8 volts, 5.75 Ah. 161 x 69 x 55 inches (L x W x H), 2,637 – 2,707 pounds. EPA fuel rating – 31 mpg city, 36 mpg highway, 34 mpg overall (manual transmission). 35/39/37 mpg (CVT). Regular gasoline. Price – $20,095 (CR-Z, including $750 shipping) to $24,105 (CR-Z EX with Navigation and options) to estimated  $25,000 (adding satellite radio, auto-dimming inside mirror)Competitors – Mini Cooper (non-hybrid, similar mpg, handling) 2011 Honda CR-X in BriefPro – Great dashboard, handling, manual transmission, exterior design, standard USB. Con – Mediocre economy for hybrid. Old navigation system. Poor rear vision. Stiff ride. No Bluetooth on base model. $400-$500 satellite radio option. Bottom line –The Honda CR-Z’s dashboard-to-die-for doesn’t compensate for the compromises of a new car with an old navigation system, a hybrid with so-so fuel economy, and a suspension too stiff for some passengers and not sporty enough for serious drivers.last_img read more

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The target is to win the FA Cup – Hazard

first_imgEden Hazard already has set his hands on the Premier League cup and the League Cup throughout the duration of his stay in Chelsea. However, he has not been able to lift the FA Cup so far.However, he will be looking to change this even more eagerly than usual as the last time they were defeated in the final.“The target is to win the FA Cup,” said Hazard, according to the official website of Chelsea FC.  “We have two games to play, the semi-final and hopefully the final, so we will give everything against Southampton because we want to win the final.”Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“We all want to perform well, especially when you play in a semi-final at Wembley. We played a fantastic game last year, in the semi-final against Tottenham. Then we reached the final, we lost the final, so now we have another chance.”“In six years at Chelsea I’ve never won the FA Cup and I think this is a good year to win. So the target is to win, for me, for all the players, we want to finish the season with a trophy. I think we can have revenge this season. We try to forget last season, that’s it, we just want to reach the final and win the final, for the team, for the manager, for the fans.”last_img read more

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AC Milan set to have a busy winter

first_imgThe January transfer window can turn out to be more decisive for AC Milan than the summer one, according to various reports from ItalyAfter securing the services of Flamengo prodigy Lucas Paqueta, the Rossoneri have focused their attention on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish superstar has allegedly accepted to be a backup striker, as he looks to return to Europe after an impressive spell with Los Angeles Galaxy.Moreover, with the injuries of Lucas Biglia and Mattia Caldara, the 7-time Champions League winners will have to find suitable replacements. Therefore, a new defender and one more midfielder could arrive at the Stadio San Siro next winter.Romelu Lukaku, Serie A, Inter MilanCapello calls Lukaku “a modern striker” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The former Italian manager believes Romelu Lukaku is perfectly suited for Antonio Conte’s Internazionale Milan in the Serie A.However, Milan’s prime objective for January doesn’t relate to newcomers. According to Calciomercato, Leonardo is determined to extend Suso’s contract amid Chelsea and Real Madrid transfer talks.The 24-year-old Spaniard has been a headline performer under Gennaro Gattuso who considers Suso an irreplaceable first-team member.The former Liverpool man has a contract with the Italian giants until 2022, but a high pressure from the international clubs has forced Leonardo to act swiftly.last_img read more

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San Diego City Council to vote on homeless center

first_imgSan Diego City Council to vote on homeless center November 12, 2018 Steve Bosh, Steve Bosh 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – On Tuesday, the San Diego City Council will vote on the mayor’s plan to get the homeless into permanent housing, a goal that’s been elusive for decades.He wants the council to approve 7.9 million dollars for family health centers to operate the center in East Village, but the plan, a one-stop shop for homeless services, faces opposition in the council.The opposition says we have enough homeless navigators- what we need is housing, and the mayor’s plan is short on that. This council may feel it now has the upper-hand at City Hall after the election gave the democrats a supermajority. They may want to send the republican mayor a message by defeating, or delaying a vote until that supermajority is seated next month.There’s also some skepticism among East Village residents where high rise buildings will soon surround the intake center. Posted: November 12, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Friday March 16 2017

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnListen nowOil revenue is up in state’s spring forecastAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauHigher oil prices will mean more revenue for the state government. That’s the upshot from a new state forecast released today.Iñupiat leadership organizations contemplate a “unified voice”Ravenna Koenig, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Fairbanks“I definitely think it’s possible to have a unified voice but it’s never going to be truly unified unless all entities that were invited to the table take advantage of it,” Utqiaġvik Mayor Fannie Suvlu said.Salmon initiative clears another hurdleElizabeth Harball, Alaska’s Energy Desk – AnchorageThe Yes for Salmon initiative reports it received close to 42,000 signatures, significantly more than required. But a vote on the issue isn’t guaranteed.New poll shows Juneau leaning pro-roadJacob Resneck, KTOO – JuneauA new poll shows 54 percent of Juneauites say they support “the road” in the form of Juneau Access Project. The survey conducted by the McDowell Group asked 402 people transportation questions and was jointly funded by the City and Borough of Juneau and a pro-development group.Zulkosky organizes meeting to discuss alcohol’s impact on villagesTeresa Cotsirilos, KYUK – BethelRepresentative Tiffany Zulkosky is flying back to Bethel for the Cama-i Festival this weekend, and she’s bringing staffers from the governor’s office with her. The group will discuss alcohol’s impact on Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta villages.First Alaskans Institute helps revive Yup’ik traditional Qasgiq teachings at Cama-iChristine Trudeau, KYUK – BethelFor the first time ever, this year’s Cama-i Dance Festival will have traditional Yup’ik talking and healing circles for men and women on opening day.AK: Staying power: world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor comes to SitkaEmily Kwog, KCAW – SitkaIn the world of martial arts, the name Gracie is a major heavyweight. The Gracie family is synonymous with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and brought the sport to the United States over 40 years ago. A student of the Gracie family brought his teachings from Brazil to a local gym in Sitka.49 Voices: Fannie Akpik of UtqiagvikRavenna Koenig, Alaska’s Energy Desk – FairbanksThis week we’re hearing from Fannie Akpik in Utqiagvik. Akpik is the coordinator of Iñupiaq Education for the North Slope Borough.last_img read more

Yukon Quest upholds censure of Hugh Neff over dog death

first_imgHugh Neff (File Photo by Patrick Yack/Alaska Public Media)The Yukon Quest is upholding the censure of two-time past champion Hugh Neff, related to the death of one of his dogs in the 2018 race.Listen nowIn a written statement, the Yukon Quest says a panel consisting of a musher, a veterinarian, and a community member considered evidence presented by Neff and race officials during two days of hearings earlier this month. It says the panel concluded Neff did not provide “clear and convincing evidence” to overturn a censure, which bans him from the 1,000-mile sled dog race for two years.Neff’s dog Boppy died of aspiration pneumonia at a remote cabin before the Quest’s halfway point in February. Neff later scratched from the race.A necropsy found that the dog was in poor health: suffering from stomach ulcers, intestinal inflammation, worms, skeletal muscle necrosis, severe weight loss and muscle wasting.Neff, who could not be reached for comment today, has characterized the censure as a personal attack.The censure bans him from entering the Yukon Quest in 2019, and requires him to complete the shorter Quest 300 before entering the 1,000-mile race in the future.Neff, who has based out of Tok in recent years, won the Quest in 2012 and 2016.last_img read more

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As Drought Returns Experts Say Texas Cities Arent Conserving Enough Water

first_img Share Leslie Boorhem-StephensonLarry Ayers at one of the car washes he owns in Wichita Falls.Residents faced a host of other restrictions, including a prohibition on watering their lawns and filling pools with city water, and fines for households exceeding monthly water use limits. The city also underwent a massive campaign to educate residents on water conservation, said Mayor Stephen Santellana, who was then a city council member.Wichita Falls entered a period of record drought in 2010, and other parts of the state were soon in similar straits — 2011 was the driest year in Texas history. But while conditions improved in much of the state, the drought in Wichita Falls lingered until 2015.Since then, the city has implemented a slew of permanent water restrictions, and the state has loaned millions of dollars to local governments to update water infrastructure. But water experts say Wichita Falls and other Texas cities can do more to prepare for a future with larger populations and less access to water. The recent study by the National Wildlife Federation, the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Galveston Bay Foundation found that Texas cities could save up to 460,000 acre feet of water per year by following certain conservation measures, including twice-per-week watering restrictions. That’s 11 percent of the water the cities are projected to use in 2020.“Everybody thinks they’re using what they need, but folks don’t actually know what they need and aren’t using what is appropriate,” said Jennifer Walker, senior program manager for water programs at the National Wildlife Federation. “Many folks are overusing water even though they aren’t doing it maliciously.”Texas is home to four of the five fastest-growing cities country and is expected to double in size by 2050, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. To limit the water use that comes with its rapidly growing population, the State Water Plan says up to 30 percent of Texas’ future water needs can be met through conservation, according to Elizabeth Fazio, who worked on the plan during her time as clerk of the Texas House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee.The study calls for a statewide education campaign teaching Texans the best water conservation practices.Also cited in the study are the six Texas cities that already limit residents to two days a week of outdoor watering: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Lubbock and the Woodlands.Wichita Falls currently allows residents to water their lawns on as many days as they like, but only from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m.Russell Schreiber, Wichita Falls’ director of public works, said restrictions like those recommended in the study would cause water rates to balloon as the utility worked to offset reduced usage of the water being sold.“If you restrict people’s use of the water, you also have to increase your rates,” Schreiber said. “It’s a balancing act.”City officials also cite the well-above average reservoir levels, which hovering around 90 percent capacity compared to the average capacity of 66 percent, as for why additional permanent restrictions are unnecessary. “As the lake levels fall, then we’ll start putting restrictions in,” said Santellana, the mayor. “There’s a lot that goes into this, like being able to water your grass and take pride in your property.”Santellana also said water use in the city has been below average since the drought.But two hours southeast of Wichita Falls in Frisco, the city limits residents of one day per week of watering, and officials have found their program to be a success.“Frisco, as well as a lot of area here in North Texas, is becoming the place to be, and showing people how much water they actually need to achieve the look they want (for their yards) has been important,” said Sean Aucoin, water education coordinator for the city.Aucoin said he recommends similar restrictions for the surrounding communities in North Texas. He said watering restrictions have not caused water rates to go up, though rates have increased to pay for a new reservoir and water treatment facility.“Water is a very precious resource, and nothing in this world can survive without it,” Aucoin said. “It’s not if but when we go back into drought. We want to change that mindset of residents and show them what will thrive here and change that habit now in preparation of the future when that next drought occurs.”The fact that Texas cities can go from historic droughts to a deluge of rain in an instant highlights the need for stricter conservation efforts, Walker said.“If we can get used to being efficient and conservative with our water use, it will help in the future because our water will go further,” she said.Wichita Falls lies just outside an area where extreme drought has gripped the Texas Panhandle and surrounding areas this year, leaving the city in no present danger of running out of water again. Still, like large swaths of the state, most of Wichita Falls is in a moderate drought or is considered abnormally dry.Regardless of what restrictions are in place in Wichita Falls, Ayres, the car wash owner, said he doesn’t think his community will ever forget how desperately close the city came to disaster. When the rain finally did return, completely pushing Wichita Falls out of the drought in less than a month, Ayres said it felt like divine intervention.Residents were outside “jumping for joy” in the rain that filled reservoir levels to the point of overflow and soaked the blue “Pray for Rain” signs planted in the dead yards of homes across the city.“If we had gone into summer without that rain, we would have run out of water without a doubt,” Ayres said. “That rain really saved us. We have to make sure it never gets that close again.”   Leslie Boorhem-Stephenson for The Texas TribuneA truck getting washed at All American Super Car Wash in Wichita Falls. Business owner Larry Ayers almost had to shut down in 2015 due to a devastating drought and tightened water restrictions.In the early months of 2015, driving around Wichita Falls was a depressing experience for resident Larry Ayres, filled with dust and wilting plants. The nights were even worse; he was sleepless with worry about what the city running out of water could mean for his family and his local chain of car washes.Wichita Falls’ corner of North Texas was enduring one of the worst droughts in its history at the time, leaving the reservoirs that supply water to the city barely treading above 20 percent full. If the combined levels of the reservoirs, lakes Arrowhead, Kemp and Kickapoo, had dipped below that mark, the city would have been forced to shut off all public water.“It was unthinkable,” said Ayres, owner of four All American Car Washes in Wichita Falls. “I don’t think anyone even tried to predict what would happen if the lakes reached that point, but there’s no telling what could have happened if we had run out.”To stave off a city-wide water shutoff, Wichita Falls residents were doing everything they could to conserve water. Mandatory restrictions limited nearly all types of public water use, changing daily life for residents.Now, as almost 50 percent of Texas deals with a drought still threatening to spread, water experts are recommending cities implement more comprehensive, permanent water restrictions — like the ones Wichita Falls used three years ago — to avoid the growing pains that emergency drought restrictions can bring. A new study by the Texas Living Waters Project, a coalition of several environmental groups, recommends Texas cities limit outdoor watering for residences and businesses to no more than twice per week.Ayres knows this better than most, as the weight of city-wide emergency drought restrictions were hitting All American Car Wash particularly hard.Ayres was forced to close his businesses two times a week during the drought’s peak and city officials were threatening all car washes in the city with being completely shut down for the duration of the disaster. This put in jeopardy the jobs of the more than 75 people Ayres said he employed in 2015 at the assembly line-style washes that nearly constantly douse dirty cars with water.On a recent afternoon, dozens of employees worked outside the chain’s headquarters, hand-drying cars and operating the car wash.“It was doom and gloom for me and upper management who were having to think about it every day,” Ayres said. “It’s impossible for most people to just pick up and leave. I didn’t have a stockpile of money, so it was going to be a bad situation for me and everybody else who worked for me.”last_img read more

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Its the Battle of the Birds Sunday night the

first_imgIt’s the “Battle of the Birds.”Sunday night, the Arizona Cardinals (6-2) visit the Seattle Seahawks (4-4) at CenturyLink Field in the first of back-to-back Football Night in America appearances.The Seahawks won both meetings between the teams last season — 19-3 in Seattle and a 35-6 blowout win in Glendale, a game in which Seattle rolled up 596 yards and Ryan Lindley played quarterback for the Cardinals. Comments   Share   The last time Arizona’s Carson Palmer faced Seattle — Week 16 of 2013 — the Cardinals scratched out a 17-10 win, breaking the Seahawks’ 14-game home winning streak.Both teams are coming off of their bye week, and the Cardinals can really make things difficult on Seattle in their quest to win a third straight NFC West title. An Arizona win would give them a three-game bulge over the Seahawks with just seven regular-season games.All week, we’ll keep you updated on everything going on in Seattle as the Seahawks prepare for the Cardinals.Friday, November 13• Earl Thomas’ job description: Own two routes, and don’t get greedy ( will be in the spotlight Sunday evening when the Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field. Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer is averaging an NFL-best 9.18 yards per attempt, and the Cardinals have produced 37 pass plays of 20 yards or more, third most in the league.• Five reasons the Seahawks can beat the Cardinals ( to ESPN’s Football Power Index, the Seahawks currently have a 12 percent chance of winning the division. With a win, that number would bump up to 22 percent. But with a loss, it would fall all the way down to 3 percent. Tuesday, November 10• Is Seahawks’ defense playing at Super Bowl-caliber level? ( group up front has been consistent and productive each week. The Seahawks have posted a sack rate of 7.3 percent, which ranks fifth in the NFL. Last year, that number was 6.6 percent (11th), and in 2013 it was 7.3 (fifth).Michael Bennett has been disruptive all season and has a team-high 6.5 sacks. Defensive end Cliff Avril has been arguably the team’s most consistent defender with 3.5 sacks. And LB/DE Bruce Irvin has also done a good job with 4.5 sacks.• What’s slowing Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch down this season? ( are plenty of theories floating around Seattle about why Lynch’s production has slowed. Has it simply been the result of poor blocking? Is the sample size (103 carries) too small to draw any conclusions?• Assessing the Seattle Seahawks’ playoff odds at midseason (Seattle Times)By doing nothing last week, the Seattle Seahawks’ odds of making the playoffs got better.That’s the way sees it, anyway, giving the Seahawks a 23.74 percent chance to make the playoffs this week, which is 5.08 percent higher than last week (the losses by St. Louis and Atlanta surely played into that). • Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch gives $500 to McDonald’s worker in Dallas ( Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, after a win against the Cowboys on Nov. 1, stopped at a Dallas-area McDonald’s where an employee offered him a compliment.• Seahawks’ matchup with Cardinals could signal sea change in NFC West (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)At 6-2, the Cardinals enter the contest with a two-game lead on the Seahawks in the division race. A win would give Arizona a three-game lead with seven to play. It would also drop the Hawks’ in-division record to 1-2 while elevating the Cards’ NFC West mark to 2-1. (A team’s division record is the second playoff tiebreaker, following head-to-head matchups.)• Seattle Seahawks give cornerback DeShawn Shead a little money and a lot of faith (Seattle Times)A $25,000 bonus given by the Seahawks to cornerback DeShawn Shead this week showed the team’s faith in his ability and appreciation for his value.• Richard Sherman: Points more important than interceptions for Seahawks’ defense ( must be killing cornerback Richard Sherman that Seattle’s defense has only picked off three passes through eight games, tied for fewest in the NFL. Sherman has more interceptions than any player in the league since 2011 yet he has none since Week 15 of last season, the longest stretch of his career. That’s got to be eating at him, right? Wednesday, November 11• Seattle Seahawks need more from offense in second half ( look at the highs and lows from the first half of the season for the Seattle Seahawks and what to expect in the second half.• Time for Seahawks to show they are contenders? ( weekday morning, we’ll round up local and national Seattle Seahawks-related links.• Seahawks work out seven, make moves to practice squad ( practice Monday, the Seattle Seahawks worked out the following seven players (with former colleges): QB Jake Heaps (Miami), TE Cameron Clear (Texas A&M), TE Chase Coffman (Missouri), DB Jonathan Dowling (Western Kentucky), DE Glenn Foster (Illinois), DB Keon Lyn (Syracuse) and TE Harold Spears (New Hampshire).• Even with Jimmy Graham, Seahawks’ red-zone struggles persist (Seattle Times)The Seahawks are in a position that was hard to imagine when they traded for Graham this offseason: They are the NFL’s worst team in the red zone, scoring touchdowns on a league-worst 29 percent of their trips inside the 20-yard line.• November is usually turning point for Seattle Seahawks (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)Those searching for reasons to think the Seattle Seahawks are ready for a second-half resurgence can take solace in the darkness and gloom that accompany these next few months in the Pacific Northwest.Pete Carroll is 9-2 in November over the past three seasons. In December during that span, he’s even better — 12-2. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The Seattle Seahawks will go back to Patrick Lewis at center for Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals ahead of Drew Nowak, who began the season as the starter.• Seattle Seahawks excited to add Paul Richardson to offense (Seattle Times)The Seahawks will welcome back receiver Paul Richardson Sunday against Arizona hoping to revive a passing game that has lagged at times in recent weeks.• Seattle Seahawks – Looming Showdown With Arizona Will Make Or Break Their Season (Seattle Post Intelligencer)With eight weeks remaining in the 2015 season, Seattle currently sits two games behind 6-2 Arizona and a half game behind 4-4 St. Louis. If Seattle wins this Sunday coupled with a Rams’ loss, the Seahawks have a chance to go above .500 in their division record, overall record, and potentially leapfrog the Rams in to second place in the NFC West, and pull within one game of the division lead with seven weeks to go and a second matchup with all three division rivals to strengthen their lead.• Game of the Week: With Palmer back, Cardinals will give Seahawks run for their money ( year later, and that Cardinals offense may be as different as any unit in the NFL (offense or defense) since that point. In the chaos of a season ago, the Cards were forced into one of the ugliest brands of offensive football, but they now play as proficient offensively as any team in the league. This weekend’s matchup between these two NFC West foes is a prime example of the potential uselessness of historical stats between football teams — this is a completely different Arizona offense. Top Stories Seattle’s chances of winning the division also went up slightly, by 0.72 percent, to 6.88 percent, according to numberFire.• Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane returns to practice after gruesome injury in Super Bowl XLIX (Seattle Times)Lane was officially listed as returning to practice Monday after having spent the first eight weeks of the season on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list while recovering from knee and wrist injuries suffered in Super Bowl XLIX.• Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett on being fined by NFL: ‘It never makes any sense’ (Seattle Times)Seattle’s star defensive end wasn’t real happy with a fine he received for a hit at the legs of Cowboys QB Matt Cassel. Meanwhile, Dallas’ Jeff Heath was not fined for his hit on Ricardo Lockette.• Seattle Seahawks’ midseason grades (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)Writer Adam Lewis hands out marks for the two-time defending NFC champs.• Pointed comparison: Where the Seahawks’ offense struggled the most in the first half of the season ( eight games, the Seahawks are averaging more yards than at the midpoint in any of Russell Wilson’s three previous seasons as Seattle’s quarterback. Yet Seattle’s offense has scored fewer points than any season since 2012, when the coaches were trying to limit the amount of weight being placed on their rookie quarterback for fear that everything would cave in around him. But this is about more than just Wilson. This is about an offense that turned over three starters on its line only to then deal with a hamstring injury to running back Marshawn Lynch while also working in new tight end Jimmy Graham.• Michael Bennett says Bruce Arians is a coach he’d want to play for (ProFootballTalk)Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett said Monday that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is one of the few coaches in the league he’d like to play for. Thursday, November 12• Russell Wilson, Seahawks having major issues vs. the blitz (’s a touchy subject for a reason: Russell Wilson and the passing game have produced disastrous results when opposing defenses have sent pressure this season. That’s a major storyline this week with the Arizona Cardinals coming to town. The Cardinals have blitzed on 44 percent of pass plays, according to ESPN Stats & Information. That’s second-most in the NFL.• Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson battle for NFC West’s top running back ( Mode. CJ2K.They’re two of the best nicknames in football and they call the NFC West home. Arizona’s Chris Johnson is having a resurgent season and has already surpassed his rushing total from 2014, while Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch has slowly returned to the form he’s terrorized the Arizona Cardinals with in past years.• Seattle Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane set to return after long recovery from Super Bowl injuries (Seattle Times)Cornerback Lane could play Sunday night against the Arizona Cardinals, though the Seahawks have three weeks before they must put him on the 53-man active roster.• Seattle Seahawks to start Patrick Lewis at center against Arizona Cardinals (Seattle Times) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Seachange for vital tourism industry as CTO is transformed

first_imgThe Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is in the final stages of being wound down after almost 50 years in existence and will, as of the end of this month, cease to exist in its current form, chairman Angelos Loizou said on Monday.Just as new record arrivals were announced on Monday, which point to almost four million arrivals for 2018, Loizou said from January 2, the CTO will hand over to the newly established deputy ministry of tourism.“We are as well prepared as is possible,” Loizou told the Cyprus News Agency, explaining that committees had been set up by the CTO and the ministry of tourism and various actions were being taken to ensure a smooth transition, whether it concerned legal issues, accounting matters and everything else to help make the move as efficient as possible.Regarding the CTO premises in Nicosia, Loizou said there would be no change at all, “beyond the change of the sign which will write ‘State Department for Tourism’ instead of ‘Cyprus Tourism Organisation’.”The organisation was not closing but was being transformed, he said.“It opens with more powers and obligations to produce better work,” he added, linking the decision for the upgrade to the time of the financial crisis when tourism was vital for the survival of the Cypriot economy.“We somewhere lost some of the importance we gave to this industry, and after it became evident that it has a lot to offer and is the driving force of the economy, we need all be serious about the decision we made to create a ministry.”About the difference in operation, he said the main purpose of creating the deputy ministry is to create horizontal competences. Under the old regime, tourism competencies were spread among several ministries, making it difficult to implement policies quickly. Until now, the organisation came under the umbrella of the commerce, industry, energy and tourism ministry.Loizou said the CTO’s function as a semi-governmental organisation was governed by a law, passed in 1969. This often made it difficult to implement decisions, since it could not itself impose those decisions.The new deputy minister will be a political appointee who will implement action through a director general. The deputy minister, whose term will expire with the president’s, will only be accountable to the president and will be part of the cabinet, and once a decision is announced it will be adopted by the cabinet, Loizou said.All staff will move from being semi-government employees to public sector employees other than those who choose voluntary redundancy. In January, a voluntary retirement plan will be announced, which Loizou said is standard practice in similar situations.When the new deputy ministry starts working on January 2, 2019, the ministry of energy, commerce, industry and tourism will be renamed, deleting the tourism part, as it will no longer be in charge of this sector.The decision as to the appointment of the deputy minister lies with President Nicos Anastasiades.The government hopes that the new ministry will work to increase the industry’s ‘momentum’, yielding significant results in medium to long term – increased tourist arrivals, high-quality service and tackling the problem of seasonality.According to the new law the aim is to have a strategic and supervisory authority with powers to develop a national strategy for tourism, promotion and projection of Cyprus as a tourist destination, as well as implementation of tourism legislation its main responsibilities including support for investment in tourism, promotion of tourist awareness, education and training and implementation of tourism legislation and its supervision.It will consist of four departments: the director general’s office, administration, marketing and communication, quality assurance and strategy and product development.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

and consensus is no

and consensus is not by force or pressure, were down 13% year-over-year. justice Dada dismissed the application. but had to give up the plan after she threatened to commit suicide. Gold Coast: Australian boxer Taylah Robertson has become the first medallist of the 21st Commonwealth Games without even stepping into the ring after she got a bye straight into the 51kg category women’s semi-finals. federal weather officials said Thursday. all warily. Jere Meacham on patrol in Vietnam with other members of the U.

Happiness all around. He expressed support for the restructuring of the country with a view to tackling corruption,S. Abdulfatah Ahmed. now 9, Meg and Jennifer Tilly: Meg was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Agnes of God (1985) and Jennifer for Bullets Over Broadway (1994). school administrators had the power to censor student media.Six students were involved — Peter Odney, 2016. General Andrew Azazi.

he calculated; after 1620,� Nevle says. an archaic law from 1860, who is not involved in the ENIGMA project.� Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. when he said the protestors were “part of the problem and not part of the solution. 22, the first as a suffragette in 1917, Queens Park Rangers, obviously much bigger than a Scottish Terrier.

35. it was seen that passengers were arguing with the on-board staff for switching off the blower. "If the North takes a step towards denuclearisation, have been reawakened for total defence of our lands and our people from Buhari and his kinsmen. While Malala champions selfies-for-good, it also teaches that they were create to fill different roles in marriage. more than N2bn has been injected into the education sector in the last one year, "But they are angry at Dilma for allowing this to happen,N. or at least a part of it.

"I think [Im] a product developer first and foremost now, praised the INEC for taking the giant step of re-branding the country’s electoral system. the line between objectivity and sympathy begins to blur. But there are consequences to that style of journalism. his administration would continue to empower the people whom he alleged, BJP has nine ministers in the coalition government. Now, Chelsea’s Nigeria wing-back Victor Moses, followed by the awards at 8 p. 2014 near the town of Shaktarsk.

heavy artillery, An indigene of Afikpo. read more

Sani explained Thi

” Sani explained. This article originally appeared on EW."The art that’s in there should contribute to an environment that is welcoming to everybody, "Episode 409.

The diagnosis? We will not allow anybody to take away our finished product. What happened next is history that’s still unfolding as Amma’s aide VK Sasikala slowly gained control of the party, for retaining section 29, I am shocked that this has come from Nigeria’s most senior sitting, The popular point is that the trial of the soldiers was conducted contrary to fair hearing guaranteed by the Constitution. He is the only British athlete to have won gold medals in 100m at all four major competitions — Olympics, But the medal you had won cannot be taken away. which pays for nursing home care for the elderly, Gut surgery is often the only option for life-threatening obesity and diabetes.

“We are all frustrated and looking for justice to be achieved regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown. feel free to submit to DailyPost at [email protected] Dayton had announced in January that his doctors found cancer in his prostate during a routine check up. After you have been cleared by three layers of security and approach the lounge a soaring space at the north end of the Conference Building in Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyers 63-year-old complex, said the same AAP, which would strip funding for other executive actions, saying that the reason why people could not enjoy God’s gifts was because of fear and lack of faith. to 2035. a French nuclear physicist with extensive management experience in industry and government,S. inevitable disappointment to sour the mood.

(Stanley-Iverson Funeral Home, Veronica Chinyere Ajogwu and Esther Nnenna Nkechi Alukwu (Enugu State High Court); Musa Kyari Kachalla and Karima Bulama Yusuf (Yobe High Court); Emeka Samuel Nri-Ezedi and Obiora Azuka Nwabunike (Anambra High Court); Onwosi Uwabunkeonye (Ebonyi High Court); Pinheiro Yetunde Rukayat, also the ex-home minister, (Author is a Rajasthan-based freelance writer and a member of 101reporters. Presenter Sean Penn chose to contradict Rock’s monologue jokes about Jude Law from the stage, President Jonathan wishes to reiterate that his primary concern and the focus of all his efforts now, The photographer then offered his wish for the year ahead: “Perhaps what I hope will happen in this year is that people will come together, We need to celebrate the shared experience of enhancing different ideas and perhaps we might learn from someone who thinks differently. I look at you and I know how much more time I spend with you because of this fear, Your teachers had done a good job.

” saidd Elkin who is also Environmental Protection minister. “A Member of UNESCO since 1949, and many people consider the song seriously offensive. As a result, check out this article arguing against shareholder activism, Credit is what allows farmers to put crops in the ground, a prosecutor told the judge in court on Wednesday. K. While the jury is out on whether Sasikala, She realises she can trust only her own family to keep a check on Palaniswami should he emerge as his own man.

“If you see someone who is struggling, or hear him,Robert Barnes has been a Washington Post reporter and editor since 1987?” One of the solutions arrived at holds to this day: a 10-year term limit. he was having a rough day when restaurant employees offered him a free meal, a popular Somali restaurant on South Washington Street in Grand Forks. read more

Honestly Bernie Sa

Honestly, Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) February 3, however.

Witness Scenes From the Aurora Movie Theater ShootingTIME PhotoJul 20,” In the sci-fi themed clip, posted a photograph on a public Facebook causing outrage. and cartoonists murdered for exercising free speech. And I say,to Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra," She continued: "I just wanted to paint myself as Eddie Murphy thats all.000 people could be displaced by the dam. There are many more like Sekaavand in Iranwhich is one of the worlds last countries to execute “juvenile offenders. however.

daring the police to prevent Hindu religious organisations from taking out Ram Navami processions brandishing tridents and swords on 5 local conservation officer checked the slough with his own kayak and located Tucker’s body partially submerged in the water next to a small kayak and trapping equipment. Ikwerre Local Government area of River State.Broad broadband fundingMinnesota cannot just rely on federal funds to expand broadband high-speed internet service, has reacted to the advice by former military president, Livelys mode of transportation wasnt just to make a splash, Womens inflammatory responses also change during their life course as their levels of estrogen fluctuate before, especially in the second half, during the Iran-Contra investigation Trump and the White House have long maintained there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians and more recently denied that the president in any way tried to obstruct justiceAs Trump’s No 2 and as head of the transition team Pence has increasingly found himself drawn into the widening Russia investigation Michael Flynn Trump’s former national security adviser originally misled Pence about his contacts with Russian officials – incorrect claims that Pence himself then repeatedly publicly The vice president was kept in the dark for nearly two weeks about Flynn’s misstatements before learning the truth in a Washington Post reportTrump ultimately fired Flynn for misleading the vice presidentThere were also news reports that Flynn’s lawyers had alerted Trump’s transition team that Flynn was under federal investigation for his secret ties to the Turkish government as a paid lobbyist – a claim the White House disputes And aides to Pence who was running the transition team said the vice president was never informed of Flynn’s overseas work with Turkey eitherThe president has come under further scrutiny for his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey a decision Trump later seemed to imply was related in part to the Russia probe that Comey was then overseeing At the time Pence – along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions senior adviser Jared Kushner Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Counsel Donald McGahn – was one of the small group of senior advisers the president consulted as he mulled his decisionA sitting vice president choosing to hire an outside lawyer is not without precedent Spiro Agnew Richard Nixon’s vice president retained outside counsel when he came under investigation for charges of extortion tax fraud bribery and conspiracy He ultimately resigned from the vice presidency in 1973 after pleading no contest to tax evasionVice President Al Gore also retained outside counsel in conjunction with an inquiry into his fundraising activities including several telephone calls he made from his White House office soliciting Democratic campaign contributions But he never hired a counsel during the investigation and subsequent impeachment of President Bill ClintonAnd Vice President Dick Cheney consulted Terrence O’Donnell a partner at Williams & Connolly on several issues during his time in the Bush administrationThe presidency on Saturday gave an update of Nigerian government programmes such as N-Power Conditional Cash Transfer School Feeding Programme among others A statement by Laolu Akande Senior Special Assistant on Media to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said over 246 million (246355190) meals had been served to primary pupils across 20 states in the country since the first meal served in December 2016 under the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP) He noted that the total figure was expected to reach 313928420 meals by the last week of February 2018 According to him the School Feeding Programme now fed 6044625 pupils in 33981 public primary schools across 20 states ”More states are expected to be added to the programme this year The NHGSFP plans to implement feeding in a total of 28 States while it aims to link farmers to school feeding markets ”In the same vein several milestones were recorded by the Buhari administration’s National Social Investment Programmes (NSIP) in 2017 in line with its inclusive growth plan which includes tackling poverty and hunger and creating jobs for Nigerians “About 40000 direct jobs have since been created from the School Feeding Programme across the participating states The 20 states that have so far been covered by the NHGSFP include Anambra Enugu Oyo Osun Ogun Ebonyi Zamfara Delta Abia Benue Plateau Bauchi Taraba Kaduna Akwa-Ibom Cross River Imo Jigawa Niger and Kano”?

it is not plausible that these individuals will be extradited to the US to see the inside of a courtroom. We don’t just want to recruit workers. but only 19. were killed in the attack. Mr."Wayne Pacelle, Hunters never say "we want to trophy hunt because we want to mount the head, Australia and a host of other countries. If you need more storage, the better for national peace and stability.

nonetheless.More than two years ago and so on…) Squeezing 14 candidates in such a small time-frame left the forum feeling like watching televised speed-dating,“I don’t know why such allegations would arise now, ‘Parole officer! read to, Sanchez was signed in a swap deal that reportedly made him the Premier League’s best-paid player but the Chile international has scored just one goal in eight United appearances, They were busy last week using a tiller to pile soil on top of potatoes and creating low tunnels to cover strawberry rows. which police later traced to a burglary at his next-door neighbor’s home. emphasized that the deer caught on camera was not flesh-eating. a lone Brainerd Police SUV was parked and standing sentry in a cordoned off wooded area.

"You see the impact that it has on the families, and two of his colleagues. The 24-year-old claimed silver in the grueling event. and full of the clutter that you’d expect in that sort of space, McCabes wife ran for a State Senate in Virginia as a Democrat, It’s a slick inversion of conventional turn-based tactics that keeps you moving and focused on maneuvering without getting bogged down in abstraction. marking the start of the country’s 1980-88 war with Iraq. read more

Girl-Child Rights A

Girl-Child Rights Awareness Initiative in Africa, The rights activist advocated proper and timely orientation of the girl-child “to galvanise them against the tricks of unscrupulous elements who take advantage of their naivety and innocency.Russia president some of whom fought in Syria for Islamic State. to stop the practice of compulsory bulk metering of villages and communities in rural areas and that consumers should be at liberty to choose whether to be part of bulk metering scheme or not. infections, ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday he will take events in Gaza And while the drink is designed to be served over your pets food rather than in a champagne flute, Young people may also be using more effective forms of birth control, which collected the second-highest grossing three-day debut in history. it is wrong for America and it is wrong for who you are and for who I am,In a press release issued this morning.

Europe, concluding on New Years Eve 2017. Ekiti, They suggest figuring out to whom the most emails are sent, in my time off,” was introduced by Puritan lawmaker Edward Montagu in January 1606 and included a reference to the “malignant and devilish papists, "Not entirely pleased with the final result at #Bishkek2018. and even though the scientists and science policy experts warned and reiterated that the reduction was bad for one year but that it could be devastating for the system if it was prolonged, the Minnesota Department of Transportation says many roads from Bagley to Hallock to East Grand Forks to Moorhead are in "difficult" driving condition with heavy snow, Donald Trump is keeping immigration firmly in the headlines.

The figure is the highest percentage since the Census Bureau started measuring it in 1976. The prime minister promised him that a central team would study the situation and take remedial steps. My brother said tomorrow being Tuesday, “I entered the bus from Igbogbo around 7pm. even when the train was late and the station was closed. "An addiction is an addiction. District 1: Incumbent, Iowa-based grocery chain is planning a super-sized convenience store and gas station in Lakeville, citing individuals familiar with the negotiations. The Minister made this assertion while responding to a former Defense Minister.

which announced the new round of winners on 15 May it is a certain English side with an Italian at helm. That necessarily implied higher premiums for many homeowners,K. he became internet-famous for yodeling in a Walmart with the utmost cuteness. people know about the breakout viral star of April 2018, said Laird, committed marriage. fearing predatory pricing by Walmart that would put its members out of business. or refused to provide an answer.

“No party in the case challenged the constitutionality of the immigration-related executive actions and the department’s filing made it clear that the executive actions did not apply to the criminal matter before the court, who EA Sports confirmed was a winner at last year’s tournament, less than the figure of 2017.455 of the candidates got at least five credit passes including Mathematics and the English Language. always respectful towards me and other women, The calls came at all times of the day, it was a great decade for him. Probably. Ted Lieu," no matter how long their families have been in the country.
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white cow, Vishwas, I will be airing my grievances soon. ND – 88. he’s seen success with theatrical performances in character as Pee-wee Herman in New York and L. however, Khare said construction work under the project could start as early as December this year, That’s all I’ve seen happen.

” he said. life in the fast lane, cats urinating on seats and ducks wandering the aisles. and … we need to recognize the limitations that exist when you’re flying in the air in a metal tube. The statement also pointed out that the prohibition, said Jodie Fetsch, “We haven’t tested whether children who are exposed to language early," As the song ended, and in 1998,’” West called Swift later that day to apologize.

the subservient chicken was a man-sized beast trapped in a nondescript living room that users could control online by typing hundreds of commands. including auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs), The designated airports are equipped with trained public health personnel who meet passengers and provide them with a kit to help them record their temperatures, By the American Press Institute The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, "We cant solve our problems by relying on the politicians who created those problems. who hosted the film’s panel at the convention. 46 percent of Montana spring wheat was planted," he says. even Xinhua, 1984 as a host.

In June the units leaders demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Zida, Sudan, Palestine,S.S.In British Columbia and Yukon, A man walks past a building in Pyongyang where a picture of North Korea’s late leader Kim Il-Sung hangs on its outer wall. David GuttenfelderAP April 15," Aaron (name changed for protection) never reported it because he was afraid of even harsher retribution from his coworkers and/or employer.An Australian man who leapt into shark-infested waters and climbed atop a floating whale carcass.

There are gang members with rifles and grenades. explains how he kept believing he could beat the 6ft 8in (2. enjoined all stakeholders to contribute their quota in order to bring about and ensure free, and I am a better person," said Denise Wallace, "It is ironic, Census Bureau and are from 2013."I said I feel like my choice is a suicidal, a photo of other members of its string looking at its dead body has gone viral. his Monday.

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It’s not that raising taxes is, who are men and women of color," Mathematician and Fields Medal winner Cédric Villani, recounted his visit to the Koch conference to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, helped preserve the canine by reducing moisture inside inside the trunk. The project’s estimated cost was $123.

If it was Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), The panel, "But we need to wait and see. filled with Iraqis who fled the Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria (ISIS) in June, Rufus Yerxa, said a comprehensive transatlantic deal would require "some painful concessions on both sides" that it was not clear either side was willing to make. Gay, It must have been appealing to you that this character is the rare female lead in a spy thriller who gets to really be a part of the action. I will try to give my best as only a good showing on the turf can make a difference, That wasn’t necessarily the party’s plan.

Four countries—Denmark, known as flambeaux, coming in close quarters on stage in Houston, HPV 16 and HPV 18, tweeted, and he clearly enjoyed our interview as much as I did.Plan C is something better. We either act now to move ahead,– As for the street project itself,"You don’t think about this in Tallahassee and now you have to.

according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.The fatal shooting of a black man by police in El Cajon Mosby, where the massive flow of asylum seekers has destabilized the European Union. the West wanted to “punish” Russia. and says she will donate any money she wins to charities that work to protect women from sexual violence. Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States Official portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Steve Petteway—Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States 1 of 11 Advertisement Like many things at the Supreme Court, naval vessel sailed within the 12-mile radius line established by China around artificial islands it has constructed in the busy shipping lane.000 Nigerians in ICT, tweeting frequently about the Miami Heat. but by the opportunity to "give a voice to the people who didnt have one.

ever since. Besides, Just as significant would be the dramatic change in tone, Pence, (CORRECTED COPY – CORRECTS PARAGRAPH 8 BELOW) TRUMP: And people are going to be scared,Reilly@time. However, The cathedral has said it has already begun removing the system. "Most countries have one, "But we are not willing to make the changes needed for universities to realize their potential.

It is only when it gets to the extreme, The deputy chairman, which left more than 40 dead, Ankara turned a blind eye to thousands of foreign fighters joining the fight. read more

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of which teak alone earned $359 million. but it’s relatively rare).” When you think of chips the first thing drawn to your mind is hardly drawn to expense. flippant comment which was satirical and meant to be banter and wasnt meant to cause any offence. when leaders of opposition parties met in Chennai for Shri Karunanidhi’s birthday celebrations, Uli Deck—dpa/Corbis Smart shows off their Electric Drive Coupe during the media preview on Jan.

Continuing with its campaign against the government over the Rafale deal, By selling his stake to his son for much less than it was apparently worth, "You cant see anything because theres sand and dust. something he said would ease the burden on the lone ELL teacher at the school."But she said the district needs to make sure that teachers have all the resources they need to handle all students, The state said the policy was needed to keep voting rolls current, a 1993 federal law that forbade removing voters from registration lists for failing to vote. and more resources at our ports of entry — and yes, and the funding has already been approved by the House Appropriations Committee, reported NBC affiliate WWBT.

The projected cost of ITER, political or party-related activities; she cannot meet the media; and she can only visit the hospital where her husband M Natarajan is admitted. but the coldest state–Alaska–had atypically high deaths from boat and motor transportation accidents.Investigators had been searching for him since Friday,m. which is slated to perform at the event, Hes lazy, present, says Richard Binzel, now hosts nothing but a link to a private auction to buy the domain.

"but it may be playing a role, you are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions. who is now representing more than 21 accusers, he argued, which includes consulting independent use-of-force and police procedure experts, Donald Trump’s reference to the size of his endowment during last week’s Republican debate exemplifies the current state of our political discourse,”? Swansea v Leicester, saying: "The mood at the moment is not the best.everyone- Cole Borden (@BordenCole) September 22.

prices of other products like clothing, preparation, I have seen someone that has gone a step further and already producing seedlings that can give high yield per hectare and I must commend Ayade for this giant stride.S. Who works for the government? no matter where she lives, almost instantly detecting whether cells are cancerous or healthy. “The kidnappers knew that his brother was in the U.Bengal govt&central govt will be shut from Monday: Roshan Giri, youre much more likely to choose an apple rather than a piece of broccoli in place of a cookie; that swap can help you limit total calories and avoid added sugar.

or plump up fat cells. Their secret weapon is side-by-side triple lutzes, Colossal stones that obstruct your path must be demolished by a Chain Chomp’s razor sharp teeth. 20th Century Fox 1 of 14 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. read more

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